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@ziadoz ziadoz/meta.php forked from funkatron/foo.php
Created Feb 29, 2012

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PHP 5.4 Meta Programming?
// See:
trait Call_Dynamic_Methods
public function __call($name, $arguments)
if (isset($this->{$name}) && $this->{$name} instanceof Closure) {
$this->{$name} = $this->{$name}->bindTo($this, $this);
return call_user_func_array($this->{$name}, $arguments);
return parent::__call($name, $arguments);
class Meta
use Call_Dynamic_Methods;
public $name;
public static $colours = array('red', 'green', 'blue');
public function __construct()
foreach (static::$colours as $colour) {
$functionName = 'name' . ucfirst($colour);
$this->{$functionName} = function() use ($colour) {
return '<span style="color: ' . $colour . '">' . $this->name . '</span>';
$meta = new Meta;
$meta->name = 'John Smith';
echo $meta->nameGreen();
echo $meta->nameRed();
$meta->name = 'Joe Bloggs';
echo $meta->nameBlue();
Could this be taken a step further by adding functions to trait for creating and removing methods on the fly?
Then something like Ruby's attr_accessor functionality (and more) could be recreated?
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