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Created November 23, 2021 12:04
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Fix NVME M.2 Drive Not Showing In Windows 10 (B550, AMD, ASUS)
The Issue
I had an issue on my B550 AMD motherboard where my NVME M.2 (GEN3) drive would show up in the BIOS, but was missing in Windows 10 intermittently. For example, when I first boot the computer up, the drive isn't in Windows, but if I restart Windows the drive appears.
I tried the solutions here, but none of them worked:
The last Reddit link above is the exact same NVME M.2 drive model as mine, a Western Digital SN550.
The Fix
You need to upgrade the firmware on your Western Digital NVME M.2 drive. You can do this by downloading the Western Digital Dashboard software:
Once in the software scan for drives, locate the NVME M.2 and hit the Update Firmware button.
After this the drive should appear consistently in Windows 10. 🎉
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