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@zicklag zicklag/UiScript.hx
Created Mar 8, 2019

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UiScript exampel for Armory3D
package arm;
import iron.Scene;
import iron.App;
import iron.system.Time;
import armory.system.Event;
import armory.trait.internal.CanvasScript;
class UiScript extends iron.Trait {
var canvas:CanvasScript;
public function new() {
notifyOnInit(function() {
// Get canvas attached to scene
canvas =;
// Once the canvas is ready, tell it to start running the update function
canvas.notifyOnReady(function() {
// This runs every frame because of the `notifyOnUPdate(update)` code above
function update() {
// Canvas may be still being loaded
if (!canvas.ready) return;
// Get image
var img = canvas.getElement("selection");
// Set image's x based on the "qb_selected" property of the object
// that this trait is applied to.
if (["qb_selected"] == 0) {
img.x = 510;
} else {
img.x = 610;
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