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GET /api/me/attendables
attendables: [
# Members Party
event_type: "members_party",
attendable_guid: "abcde",
attendable_type: "Party",
initiat: null,
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ngrok - for forwarding a local/port to the internet

zimkies / users_with_overlapping_requests.rb
Created Mar 17, 2015
Finding the number of users who have had 2 confirmed grouper requests at any one time
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require 'date'
class Range
def intersection(other)
return nil if (self.max < other.begin or other.max < self.begin)
[self.begin, other.begin].max..[self.max, other.max].min
alias_method :&, :intersection
zimkies / Sublime
Created Sep 25, 2014
General patterns I find useful in Sublime
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Move file: Cmd Sh p | f m Rename file: Cmd Sh p | f r

Multi-select cursor skip current selection: Cmd k

zimkies / leader_been_to_venue.rb
Created Sep 19, 2014
The problem with separating out models into purely their own concerns
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# FML You are joking right?
# THere has to be something wrong with this model.
def user_has_been_to_venue?(user, venue)
Reservation.joins("LEFT JOIN venues_tables ON = reservations.table_id LEFT JOIN venues ON venues_tables.venue_id = LEFT JOIN groupers ON = reservations.grouper_id LEFT JOIN crews ON crews.grouper_id = LEFT JOIN users ON = crews.leader_id")
.where("crews.leader_id = ?",
.where(" = ?",
zimkies / pool creation.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Code for creating pool objects for the future
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class PoolsCreator
def create_all
Week.where("starting_on > ?", 1.week.ago).each do |week|
def create_for_week(week) do |city|
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Hi there,
There's no downside to opening connections on initialization or after forking, even if you don't use the connections often. Aside from reducing the chance for connection errors during the request loop, you'll also speed up your request loop by not spending time establishing new connections. I definitely recommend making this change if you can.
For Resque, there's unfortunately no way around the fact that every job is run inside a forked process and can't inherit or share any connections. You'll have to open a new Redis connection for every Resque job that uses Redis. The best way to do this inside the "after_fork" Resque hook. If you use ActiveRecord, it's likely that you're already establishing a new connection inside this hook. Here's what our after_fork hook looks like, in our config/initializers/resque.rb file:
Resque.after_fork do
tries = 0

This is a summary of all of our key learnings from the I18n sprint. I've also added this to our best practices page

Presenters vs Decorators


Decorators are classes we use to add presentation logic to specific models. They should be instantiated with a single model. An example is the Member Decorator The MemberDecorator adds presentation logic to the Member model, which shouldn't know how to render your friends_gender, for instance.


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try_guest_pass_html: |
Or try Grouper with a
<a href='%{next_path}' class='%{link_class}'>Guest Pass</a>
<br />
They run %{price} per person and can only be used on your first Grouper.
zimkies /
Last active Mar 23, 2016
MonkeyPatch for Jquery hide() and show() to work with Bootstrap 3
# MonkeyPatch for Jquery hide() and show() to work with Bootstrap 3
# Bootstrap 3 defines hidden and hide with the !important marker which
# prevents .show() and .hide() from working on elements that have been
# hidden using these classes.
# This patch modifies the hide and show to simply add and remove these
(($) ->
show = $
$ = ->
@removeClass("hidden hide")