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Fastpack - pack JavaScript fast & easy

This gist is a submission for a lightning talk on the ReactiveConf 2018.


  • JavaScript bundling can be a lot faster
  • There are proper tools to guarantee consistency
  • Writing OCaml code is fun!

Show me benchmarks!

1602 modules / ~5.8Mb unzipped / MacBook Pro 13" 2015

Fastpack Fastpack+Babel Webpack 4.6.0 Parcel 1.5.1
initial build 2.148s 3.383s 6.113s 24.32s
- persistent cache 0.176s 0.219s N/A 14.88s
- watch mode 0.074s 0.171s 0.612s 0.354s

Note on Parcel: very likely it is doing more than we need to, but we were unable to configure it.

Talk Outline

  • Brief intro on the world of bundlers
  • Why Fastpack is special?
  • How to install / configure / use it
  • Short demo if time permits

About me

My name is Oleksiy Golovko (@zindelzindel, github), one of the lead developers of the Fastpack. At work doing a lot of JavaScript & Python. Most of the fun comes from the functional world of the OCaml, Haskell & Reason though :)


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