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Created May 5, 2021 05:25
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import requests, json, hashlib, re, urllib.request, sqlite3
from multiprocessing import Pool
con = sqlite3.connect('db/memory.db')
cur = con.cursor()
def find_between( s, first, last ):
start = s.index( first ) + len( first )
end = s.index( last, start )
return s[start:end]
except ValueError:
return ""
def checkDefaultAvatar(user):
for row in cur.execute('SELECT twitter_avatar FROM users WHERE user_name="{0}" LIMIT 1'.format(user)):
twitterAvatar = row[0]
if "default_profile_images" in twitterAvatar:
return True
return False
def checkAvatar(path):
url = "{0}".format(path)
r = requests.get(url)
hash = doMD5(r.text)
return hash
def getName(data):
result ='([0-9]+)\_(.*)\.jpg', data["name"])
name =
return name
def saveImage(url, name):
url = "{0}".format(url)
urllib.request.urlretrieve(url, "imgs/{0}.jpg".format(name))
def getTile(tileCoords):
x = tileCoords["x"]
y = tileCoords["y"]
url = "{0}&y={1}".format(x,y)
r = requests.get(url)
data = json.loads(r.text)
# name = data["name"].split("_")[1]
name = getName(data)
thumb = data["thumb"]
thumbMD5 = checkAvatar(thumb)
if checkDefaultAvatar(name):
if thumbMD5 != "611f87b37c4cbcb8143ccbcd6207277a":
saveImage(thumb, name)
except Exception as e:
print('exception: {0} - {1}, {2}'.format(e, x, y))
print('finished: {0}, {1}'.format(x,y))
def doMD5(input):
m = hashlib.md5()
return m.hexdigest()
toCheck = []
for x in range(0, 182):
for y in range (0, 273):
if __name__ == '__main__':
pool = Pool(processes=10), toCheck)
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