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say you have a private repo, which is not suitable for push to github
but you want github to show your activity for this repo
so, this script will help you sync commit message to `githubrepo`, using empty commits
used commands:
git log --all '--pretty=format:%ad|%s'
git commit -m "message" --date "Sun Jun 17 12:48:07 2018 +0800" --allow-empty
import subprocess
import os
gitlog = subprocess.check_output("git log --all --pretty=format:%ad|%s".split()).decode()
targetgl = subprocess.check_output("git log --all --pretty=format:%ad".split()).decode().split("\n")
for line in gitlog.split("\n")[::-1]:
line = line.split("|")
t = line[0]
message = line[1]
if t not in targetgl:
print(t, message)
cmd = ["git","commit", "-m", message, "--date", t, "--allow-empty"]
os.system("git push")
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