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Procedure to archive git branches.

How to prune unwanted git branches

Discover unwanted branchs


  1. Switch to the main branch, usually 'develop':

     git checkout develop
  2. Get a list of fully merged branches:

     git branch -a --merged

Prune unwanted branches


  1. Tag the unwanted branch:

     git tag archive/sprintjuly2010 sprintjuly2010
  2. Delete the branch:

     git branch -d sprintjuly2010
  3. Push the branch deletion to origin:

     git push origin :sprintjuly2010
  4. Push the new tag to origin:

     git push --tags
  5. Restore a deleted branch from a tag:

     git checkout -b sprintjuly2010 archive/sprintjuly2010
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mwikya commented Jun 7, 2019


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kattatzu commented Jan 8, 2020

Hi, to make this process faster I created this function in my .zshrc file (or .bashrc).

function archive_branch() {
  date=$(date '+%Y-%m-%d')

  git checkout master
  git tag archive/$date-$1 $1
  git branch -D $1
  git branch -d -r origin/$1
  git push --tags
  git push origin :$1

In console runs like this:

archive_branch sprintjuly2010

This will remove the branch you want to archive and create a tag with its content in the following format:



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I made a script to prune all unwanted branches. You can check at:

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This is exactly what I needed thank you!

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Mantul, Bro!

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hustc12 commented Sep 11, 2023


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