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func showSelectedSearchPlace(selectedPlace :Place){
// to close suggested list when the user selected one = false
searchController.searchBar.text = selectedPlace.placeName
// a red color symbol to mark the place
let myMarkerSymbol = AGSSimpleMarkerSymbol()
myMarkerSymbol.color = UIColor.redColor()
// a point representing x,y data from selctedPlace
let point = AGSPoint(x: selectedPlace.X, y: selectedPlace.Y, spatialReference: mapView.spatialReference)
// make the selectedPlace at the center of the map
mapView.centerAtPoint(point, animated: false)
// make a graphic with symbol and point to add to the map
var pointGraphic = AGSGraphic(geometry: point, symbol: myMarkerSymbol, attributes: nil)
// remove previously searched places
// display the graphic on the map
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