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Last active November 2, 2021 05:40
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Question on Gitter about pnpm hard links

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original thread happened on 2017 Jun 13 11:49:

hey .. there is something i dont get
on windows 10.. i've got this folder %userprofile%.pnpm-store\1\
which contains the extracted modules.
and when i do pnpm i -g <something>, it creates another folder which is "" which contains the extracted modules
and when i open another folder for a new project and do pnpm i <something> i get another "" folder which contains the extracted modules.
none of them are linked
so... in the end it do get 3 times of the same module

hey, if you check the ino numbers of the files inside those folders, you'll see that they are the same in all 3 folders they are on the same location on the disk


1125899907199372 drwx------+ 1 0 Jun 13 11:08
10133099161699660 drwx------+ 1 0 Jun 13 11:54
17732923532887146 drwxrwx---+ 1 0 Jun 13 11:54

getting it using ls -i

check the files not the folders
folders cannot be hard links
go to one of the packages and check the package.json for instance


but there is an easier solution
just edit the file and you'll see the changes in all 3 folders


but if you edit it, it will be refetched during next installation

well. ! it worked.
thanks. it wasnt that clear from the docs.
i mean i did read the "why does my nodemodules folder use disk space" section
but that simple method of just editing the file and see for myself:) well that satisfied me !:smile:

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