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Resources from Maggie Zhou's Fear of the Computer talk at The Lead Developer NYC 2018


Further Resources

  • Carlos Bueno's Mature Optimization . A primer on performance engineering practices that is well worth the PDF download. Later chapters talk extensively about instrumentation and how to do it.
  • Allison Kaptur's blog post 'Love your bugs'. . There's a talk version somewhere, not sure about the link. The post is well worth reading to understand Kaptur's contextualization of Carol Dweck's growth mindset research for software engineers, but also Kaptur goes into detail about how awesome server side feature flags are for mitigating the risk of client side releases and changes.
  • Dan McKinley's 'Iterative Products Club' talks extensively about the use of feature flags for product development.
  • There's a lot of writing and resources about resilience in the face of failure, adapative operations practices, and blameless postmortems. Some links:
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