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@zmagg zmagg/03.27
Created Mar 28, 2017

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food journal
kale salad -- green kale bought from church produce massaged with the olive oil from 24th st cheese company "" did not massage long enough, says B. Decided late in the evening to add fried sliced garlic (yum, a nod to my favorite first kale salad in Toronto in the hippy Kensington neighborhood), and some browned bits from the pan after the scallops and bacon cooked and brighten it with some lemon juice.
also had some bacon snack bits. delicious. raw and cooked.
scallops seared a la kenji lopez alt. some wrapped with bacon were good in the sense that their leftover juices in the pan were good, less good in the sense that the scallops themselves appeared dried and tasted dry-er and stringy.
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