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How do I do this thing?

I'm not aware of how to use Google, how do I do this basic thing in Language X?

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edited by Grammar Nazi (2.5M), asked by 1337z0r (2)

Answer 1 (12)

Lazy but functional answer with no extensibility

answered by Joe the Coder (1230)

  • Comment by 1337z0r: That's perfect! I'm never checking back here again!

Answer 2 (248)

A lot of people think you should do it in a lazy way, however in the long run it will help you if you read this well eloquent wall of text that acutely describes problems you will inevitably face but not take the time to read about here; enjoy these code samples and illustrations I pulled from thin air anyway!

answered by WTF look at my points (34M)

Answer 3 (18)

The official way to do this is link.

answered by Professional Coder (5241)

  • Comment by 1337z0r: Uh.. No thanks, this is too hard. Can you give me an example of how my code should look when complete?
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weeklyd3 commented Mar 1, 2022

@tik9 I believe that it is Peter Mortensen.

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Medice, cura te ipsum...

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Asked at 16:27. Thorough answer posted at 16:30. No way that actually happens in real life.

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