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Forked from JarvisPrestidge/Pok3r.ahk
Last active November 2, 2021 15:17
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Personal AutoHotKey script that turns any keyboard into a Pok3r.
#CommentFlag //
// Author: Jarvis Prestidge
// Description: Simulates my preferred keyboard layout, similiar to that of the Pok3r 60% keyboard
// on any keyboard without programmable keys. i.e. my laptop ^^
// <COMPILER: v1.1.22.00>
// =========================
// Pok3r Layout Marcos
// =========================
SetCapsLockState, AlwaysOff
// Capslock + jkli (left, down, up, right)
Capslock & j::Send {Blind}{Left DownTemp}
Capslock & j up::Send {Blind}{Left Up}
Capslock & k::Send {Blind}{Down DownTemp}
Capslock & k up::Send {Blind}{Down Up}
Capslock & i::Send {Blind}{Up DownTemp}
Capslock & i up::Send {Blind}{Up Up}
Capslock & l::Send {Blind}{Right DownTemp}
Capslock & l up::Send {Blind}{Right Up}
// Capslock + uohy (pgdown, pgup, home, end)
Capslock & h::SendInput {Blind}{Home Down}
Capslock & h up::SendInput {Blind}{Home Up}
Capslock & n::SendInput {Blind}{End Down}
Capslock & n up::SendInput {Blind}{End Up}
Capslock & u::SendInput {Blind}{PgUp Down}
Capslock & u up::SendInput {Blind}{PgUp Up}
Capslock & o::SendInput {Blind}{PgDn Down}
Capslock & o up::SendInput {Blind}{PgDn Up}
// Capslock + number keys equal function keys (F1-F10)
Capslock & 1::Sendinput {Blind}{F1}
Capslock & 2::SendInput {Blind}{F2}
Capslock & 3::SendInput {Blind}{F3}
Capslock & 4::SendInput {Blind}{F4}
Capslock & 5::SendInput {Blind}{F5}
Capslock & 6::SendInput {Blind}{F6}
Capslock & 7::SendInput {Blind}{F7}
Capslock & 8::SendInput {Blind}{F8}
Capslock & 9::SendInput {Blind}{F9}
Capslock & 0::SendInput {Blind}{F10}
Capslock & -::SendInput {Blind}{F11}
Capslock & =::SendInput {Blind}{F12}
// Make Capslock & Backspace equivalent to delete
Capslock & BS::SendInput {Del Down}
Capslock & BS up::SendInput {Del Up}
// Make Capslock & semicolon (;) equivalent to end
Capslock & ;::SendInput {End Down}
Capslock & ; up::SendInput {End Up}
// Make Capslock & Enter equivalent to Control+Enter
Capslock & Enter::SendInput {Ctrl down}{Enter}{Ctrl up}
// Make Capslock & Space equivalent to Control+Space
Capslock & Space::SendInput {Ctrl down}{Space}{Ctrl up}
// Make Capslock & p equivalent to PrintScreen
Capslock & p::SendInput {PrintScreen}
// Make CapsLock & y open the Windows Calculator
CapsLock & y::Run calc.exe
// Make CapsLock & v build a print statement for java
CapsLock & v::SendInput System.out.println()`;{Left 2}
// Make CapsLock & c build a comment construct for java
CapsLock & c::SendInput /*{Enter}{Space}*{Enter}*/{Up}{Space}
// Make CapsLock & q the previous media key
CapsLock & q::SendInput {Media_Prev}
// Make CapsLock & e the next media key
CapsLock & e::SendInput {Media_Next}
// Make CapsLock & Right Shift the application menu key
CapsLock & RShift::SendInput {AppsKey}
// Make Win Key + Capslock work like Capslock
If GetKeyState("CapsLock", "T") = 1
SetCapsLockState, AlwaysOff
SetCapsLockState, AlwaysOn
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