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As the person who came up with the name "Rakudo", I feel honour bound
to try to help you find a new and acceptable marketing name for Perl 6.
It occurred to me is that in Japanese the phrase 六 道 means "The Way of Six"
and is transliterated into English as: "Rokudo" (pronounced "row-ku-dohw").
That's close enough to be instantly associated, and different enough to
be independently seachable.
But is it perhaps too close visually and lexicographically?
Too prone to "out-by-one" errors?
Ideally the language itself would be "Rakudo" ("Way of the Camel")
and the current implementation would be "Rokudo" ("Way of Six"),
but that ship has almost certainly already sailed.
Another idea was that the Greek work for "six" is "zeta" (ζ),
which does not appear to ever have been used as a programming
language name (the closest I can find was a LISP variant: ZetaLisp).
"Zeta" is the source of the modern letter "Z", so in some ways
it might be appropriate for the "ultimate" programming language.
The searchability of "Zeta" is not great however, being entirely
swamped by the Reimann Zeta Function.
Alternatively, we might simply make a shameless run at contemporary
and call it "Zhinda" or "Bȳre" ("Six" in Dothraki and High Valyrian,
"Byre" is particularly good: in English it means "cowshed". ;-)
Anyway, given your recent update on the issue, I thought I might be excused
mentioning these half-baked notions to you.
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