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Created April 30, 2023 03:58
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HTTP Basic Access Authentication - Raw Implementation in .NET
using System.Text;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Primitives;
using Microsoft.Net.Http.Headers;
var app = WebApplication.Create(args);
string validUsername = "user1";
string validPassword = "password123";
app.MapGet("/", (HttpContext httpContext) =>
if (!HasAuthorizationHeader(httpContext))
if (!httpContext.Request.Headers[HeaderNames.Authorization].Any())
new StringValues(new[] { "Basic", "realm=\"User Visible Realm\", charset=\"UTF-8\"" }));
return Results.Unauthorized();
var authorizationHeaders = httpContext.Request.Headers[HeaderNames.Authorization];
if (authorizationHeaders.Count != 1)
return Results.Content("Expecting one Authorization header", statusCode: StatusCodes.Status401Unauthorized);
var authorizationHeader = authorizationHeaders[0]!;
if (!authorizationHeader.StartsWith("Basic "))
return Results.Content("'Basic ' authorization scheme expected", statusCode: StatusCodes.Status401Unauthorized);
var encodedCredentials = authorizationHeader.Replace("Basic ", String.Empty);
var decodedBytes = Convert.FromBase64String(encodedCredentials);
var credentials = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(decodedBytes).Split(":");
var username = credentials[0];
var password = credentials[1];
if (username == validUsername && password == validPassword)
return Results.Text("User Authorized! <br/> <br/> <b>The Permitted content authorized for user</b>", "text/html");
return Results.Content("Invalid credentials", statusCode: StatusCodes.Status401Unauthorized);
bool HasAuthorizationHeader(HttpContext httpContext)
return httpContext.Request.Headers.ContainsKey(HeaderNames.Authorization);
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