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# Pipeline for private apis, requires Authorisation header with Bearer token
pipeline :private do
plug :accepts, ["json"]
plug Auth.Guardian.Pipeline
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defmodule Auth.Guardian.Pipeline do
@moduledoc """
Configures a set of plugs to be used with Guardian based authentication / authorisation
use Guardian.Plug.Pipeline,
otp_app: :orders,
error_handler: Auth.Guardian.ErrorHandler,
module: Auth.Guardian
# Verify authorisation header and make sure order management is allowed for Identity
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# Setup Guardian with Auth0
config :orders, Auth.Guardian,
allowed_algos: ["HS256"],
verify_module: Guardian.JWT,
issuer: "",
verify_issuer: true,
secret_key: "qgXw5waJYQ8kd6LDFpqY4UuswJ4D0gGS"
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defmodule Auth.Identity do
@moduledoc """
This struct represents the Identitiy accessible on each connection
@enforce_keys [:id]
defstruct id: nil
@type t() :: [
id: String.t()
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defmodule Auth.Guardian do
@moduledoc """
This is the main Guardian module used by the application to gain access to claims,
identity, token, etc.
Implements callback to properly integrate with Auth0.
use Guardian, otp_app: :orders
alias Auth.Identity
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defmodule OrdersWeb.AuthController do
@moduledoc """
This controller allows retrieving an access token from auth0 and returning it to the user
providing username / password based login capability
use OrdersWeb, :controller
alias Auth
alias Auth.{Credentials, TokenResult}
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defmodule Auth do
@moduledoc """
This module is responsible to authenticate client credentials against Auth0
and provide access_token and expires_in as a result
alias Auth.{Credentials, TokenResult}
import Base
require Logger
zoltanarvai / token_result.ex
Created Mar 23, 2019
Struct to encompass token and other meta info
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defmodule Auth.TokenResult do
@moduledoc """
This struct represents the result of the authentication sign-in process.
We get a JWT access token from Auth0 and an expires_in field explaining
how long the token field will be available
@enforce_keys [:access_token, :expires_in]
defstruct access_token: "", expires_in: 0
@type t :: %__MODULE__{
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defmodule Auth.Credentials do
@moduledoc """
This module represents and validates the credentials
use Ecto.Schema
import Ecto.Changeset
alias Auth.Credentials
@primary_key false
zoltanarvai / dev.exs
Last active Mar 23, 2019
Dev configuration for Auth0
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# Configure auth zero for the Auth module
config :orders,
auth0: %{
url: %URI{
host: "",
port: 443,
scheme: "https"
client_id: "6NeT3VHSzKK4mMXVq7BhSvAq0fUSUXUB",
client_secret: "9aAIvTnSL-09QyP-ttbxy9l0NavpyySHulTMTqUYpyfTG0Clt8qz1IEAcqN5spy6",