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Created Dec 24, 2014
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Bogo Sort is best sort.
import random
import time
import copy
def check_sort(lst):
""" Check weather or not the given list is sorted. """
last_item = None
for item in lst:
if last_item is None:
last_item = item
if item >= last_item:
last_item = item
return False
return True
def BogoSort(unsorted):
""" Preform a Bogo Sort on the given list and return a sorted list. """
print('Starting sort')
## Don't touch the original list.
list_unsorted = copy.deepcopy(unsorted)
## Number of itterations until we give up.
itt = 1000000
## Start the timer.
time_start = time.time()
list_sorted = []
sort_done = False
while not sort_done:
## Clean the unsorted list, and recopy it.
del list_unsorted[:]
list_unsorted = copy.deepcopy(unsorted)
## Clear the sorted list.
del list_sorted[:]
for i in range(len(list_unsorted)):
## Pick a random item from the source list.
idx = random.randint(0, len(list_unsorted) - 1)
## Add it to the sorted list.
## Remove the item from the source list.
del list_unsorted[idx]
if check_sort(list_sorted):
## List is sorted. We're done.
sort_done = True
elif itt > 0:
## We didn't hit the itteration limit. Try again.
itt -= 1
elif itt <= 0:
## We hit the itteration limit. Abort.
sort_done = True
print('Itteration limit hit! Aborting.')
## Stop the timer.
time_end = time.time()
print('Sort finished. Sorting {l} elements took {s} seconds.'.format(l=len(list_sorted), s=(time_end - time_start)))
return list_sorted
## Construct an unsorted list of a given length.
unsorted_list = []
for i in range(8):
unsorted_list.append(random.randint(1, 100))
## Do the thing.
print('List before sort: {l}'.format(l=unsorted_list))
sorted_list = BogoSort(unsorted_list)
print('List after sort: {l}'.format(l=sorted_list))
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