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Tic-Tac-Toe Elixir Code Jam


To enable a productive group discussion about code design issues and approaches the Philly Elixir meetup group will run a short code jam style event. During the November 2021 meeting the code jam concept and goals will be shared. During the December 2021 meeting each member who has chosen to participate will have the opportunity to present their solution and take questions. The goal is by having different people solve for the same problem we can quickly observe different coding approaches and learn from each other.

Acceptance Criteria

For this code jam we will be building an Elixir module that can run a basic tic-tac-toe game. There is no required UI component, in fact for the purpose of our show and tell I'd like to keep us focused on the game module but that said, if you want to do extra credit feel free.

Since we will not have a UI you can express static examples of your game module through some hand crafted tests or a Livebook. The acceptance criteria we are looking for:

  • initialize and create a new game
  • play the game
  • detect and announce end game state

We intentionally do not dictate the shape or required function signatures since we want this to be a creative project.

In-Between Help

If anyone has any issues or questions during the code jam, they should reach out via the group Slack. Ideally if needed members might also be available to some live tutoring or pairing if needed.

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