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Created August 31, 2012 13:15
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using System.Collections.Generic;
// accesses a control by ID (i.e. a checkbox/button/textbox etc)
private static Control FindControlIterative(Control root, string id)
Control ctl = root;
LinkedList<Control> ctls = new LinkedList<Control>();
while (ctl != null)
if (ctl.ID == id)
return ctl;
foreach (Control child in ctl.Controls)
if (child.ID == id)
return child;
if (child.HasControls())
ctl = ctls.First.Value;
return null;
// To call the method, use something like:
public MainMethod()
// get a textbox that has the ID "address"
TextBox txt = FindControlIterative(control, "address") as TextBox;
// change the text of that textbox
txt.Text = "some text";
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