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Zack Sargent zsarge

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zsarge / backup_npp.rb
Created Jun 25, 2022
Back up save data (nprofile) for the game N++
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# This script backs up the save data for the game N++.
# It is only tested on Fedora Workstation 36.
# There is a rare bug in the game where save data gets corrupted,
# but the game is so long that many people still encounter it.
# I recommend running this script on a regular interval with cron.
zsarge /
Created Apr 29, 2022
Run Minecraft server with tunnel
echo "running playit with the config file under './playit_config/config.txt'"
playit --config-file ./playit_config/config.txt
zsarge /
Created Apr 10, 2022
Make slideshow from videos from Google Photos Album
# The goal of this script is to take a series of videos
# from an album export from Google Photos
# and append them all together to make one long video.
# For example, if the videos folder contained:
# ./videos
# - a.mp4
zsarge /
Created Feb 16, 2022
Convert lots of text files to mp3s using Google Text to Speech
import os
import gtts
from gtts import gTTS
from tqdm import tqdm
from time import sleep
from random import randrange
from datetime import datetime
zsarge / install_nodejs_without_admin.ps1
Last active Jun 20, 2021
This PowerShell script installs Node.JS v16.3.0 on Windows 10 without admin privileges.
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# This powershell script installs Node.JS v16.3.0 without admin on Windows 10.
# See for direct download.
# A temporary path is created on your desktop called "DELETE_ME".
# Node is actually installed to %USERPROFILE%\node-v16.3.0-win-x64\
# Written by Zack Sargent on June 20th, 2021
$DesktopPath = [Environment]::GetFolderPath("Desktop")
$WorkPath = "$DesktopPath\DELETE_ME"