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from twisted.internet import defer, reactor
from jasmin.vendor.smpp.pdu.operations import DeliverSM
from jasmin.queues.configs import AmqpConfig
from jasmin.queues.factory import AmqpFactory
from jasmin.routing.jasminApi import SmppServerSystemIdConnector
from jasmin.routing.content import RoutedDeliverSmContent
from jasmin.queues.test.test_amqp import waitFor
def connect_and_publish(pdu, dc):
# AMQP client object
config = AmqpConfig()
config.reconnectOnConnectionLoss = False
amqp = AmqpFactory(config)
# Connect
yield amqp.connect()
# Wait for channel to get ready
yield amqp.getChannelReadyDeferred()
# Prepare content to be published
# scid (Source connector id) and msgid are not needed, just set them to any value
# dc (destination connector) is all what you need
content = RoutedDeliverSmContent(deliver_sm = pdu,
msgid = '1',
scid = 'whatever',
dc = dc,
# Publish the pdu
yield amqp.publish(exchange='messaging', routing_key="deliver_sm_thrower.smpps", content=content)
# Wait 2s and disconnect
yield waitFor(2)
yield amqp.disconnect()
# Exit
if __name__ == '__main__':
The below 'pdu' is published to RabbitMQ so the deliverSmThrower can take care of it and
send it to the destination connector pointed in 'dc'.
- Jasmin must be already running before executing this script
- 'dc' must be connected and bound at least with TRX or RX.
- Check /var/log/jasmin/deliversm-thrower.log for any delivery error
dc = SmppServerSystemIdConnector('system_id')
pdu = DeliverSM(
short_message='any content',
# Run !
connect_and_publish(pdu, dc)
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