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Last active Jun 7, 2017

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Deploying mastodon at 75c6513c

rake mastodon:maintenance:prepare_for_foreign_keys needs to run.


$ git checkout master
$ git fetch upstream
$ git rev-parse upstream/master
$ git rebase upstream/master
$ git checkout zunda-ninja-master-on-heroku
$ git merge master
$ git push	# auto deployes to zundan-mastodon-experiment

Test for db:migrate

I could not confirm:

$ export HEROKU_APP=zundan-mastodon-experiment
$ heroku run bash
~ $ rake mastodon:maintenance:prepare_for_foreign_keys	# no output
~ $ rake db:migrate	# no output

Backup the main database

I'll have to destroy this afterwards to aovid additional $9/month cost. Well, actually I had an error on the first try so the backup actually holds data after migration :P

$ export HEROKU_APP=zundan-mastodon
$ heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-basic --as PG_BACKUP_170607
$ heroku pg:copy DATABASE_URL PG_BACKUP_170607

Deploy the mastodon rake task to the straming app

Promoted on dashboard from zundan-mastodon-experiment to zundan-mastodon-streaming where release command (db:migration) doesn't run.

$ export HEROKU_APP=zundan-mastodon-streaming
$ heroku run rake mastodon:maintenance:prepare_for_foreign_keys

Deploy to the main app and migrate database

$ export HEROKU_APP=zundan-mastodon
$ heroku pipelines:promote -a zundan-mastodon-experiment --to zundan-mastodon
Migrating to AddForeignKeysForAccounts (20170604144747)
== 20170604144747 AddForeignKeysForAccounts: migrated (0.4700s) ===============
Migrating to ChangeTagSearchIndexToBtree (20170606113804)
== 20170606113804 ChangeTagSearchIndexToBtree: migrated (0.0548s) =============


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