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SET @contactId = _subscriberkey
IF RequestParameter("submitted") == true THEN
/* update contact */
SET @updateRecord = UpdateSingleSalesforceObject(
"Contact", @contactId,
"FirstName", RequestParameter("firstname"),
"LastName", RequestParameter("lastname"),
"Email", RequestParameter("email"),
"Newsletter__c", Iif(RequestParameter("newsletter") == "on", "true", "false"),
"Events__c", Iif(RequestParameter("events") == "on", "true", "false"),
"Offers__c", Iif(RequestParameter("offers") == "on", "true", "false")
Output(v('<font color="green">Contact has been updated succesfully.</font><br>'))
/* fetch data from Sales Cloud to show in the form */
SET @subscriberRows = RetrieveSalesforceObjects(
"Id", "=", @contactId
IF RowCount(@subscriberRows) > 0 THEN
SET @row = row(@subscriberRows,1)
SET @FirstName = field(@row,"FirstName")
SET @LastName = field(@row,"LastName")
SET @Email = field(@row,"Email")
SET @Newsletter = field(@row,"Newsletter__c")
SET @Events = field(@row,"Events__c")
SET @Offers = field(@row,"Offers__c")
SET @HasOptedOutOfEmail = field(@row,"HasOptedOutOfEmail")
IF @Newsletter == true THEN SET @Newsletterchk = "checked" ENDIF
IF @Events == true THEN SET @Eventschk = "checked" ENDIF
IF @Offers == true THEN SET @Offerschk = "checked" ENDIF
<h2>Update your profile:</h2>
<form action="%%=RequestParameter('PAGEURL')=%%" method="post">
<label>First name: </label><input type="text" name="firstname" value="%%=v(@FirstName)=%%"><br>
<label>Last name: </label><input type="text" name="lastname" value="%%=v(@LastName)=%%"><br>
<label>Email: </label><input type="text" name="email" value="%%=v(@Email)=%%"><br>
<h2>Update your subscriptions:</h2>
<label>Newsletter: </label><input name="newsletter" type="checkbox" %%=v(@Newsletterchk)=%%><br>
<label>Events: </label><input name="events" type="checkbox" %%=v(@Eventschk)=%%><br>
<label>Offers: </label><input name="offers" type="checkbox" %%=v(@Offerschk)=%%><br>
<input name="submitted" type="hidden" value="true"><br>
<input type="submit" value="Submit">
Sorry, something went wrong (no records found).
Sorry, something went wrong (missing subscriber key).
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