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Created September 27, 2019 20:27
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var @apikey, @url, @response
set @apikey = Lookup("NASAapi","apikey","id","apod") // keep your apikey in a Data Extension
set @apikey = "7Apb3QN7qVsXPuPDcSZBKAPf8twca03C5w4Oxuyc" // or hardcode it into your CloudPage
set @url = concat('',@apikey)
set @response = HTTPGET(@url,false,0,@CallStatus)
<script runat="server" language="javascript">
//Get the @response variable from AMPscript
var response = Variable.GetValue("@response");
//Parse JSON
var json = Platform.Function.ParseJSON(response);
//Set the @hdurl variable to be accessible in AMPscript
<img style="height:100vh" src="%%=v(@hdurl)=%%">
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