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Last active October 27, 2021 20:58
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// swift-tools-version: 5.5
// This file is automatically generated.
// Do not edit it by hand because the contents will be replaced.
import PackageDescription
import AppleProductTypes
let package = Package(
name: "LittleAppDude",
platforms: [
products: [
name: "LittleAppDude",
targets: ["AppModule"],
bundleIdentifier: "me.waldowski.LittleAppDude",
teamIdentifier: "xxxxxxxxxx",
displayVersion: "1.0",
bundleVersion: "1",
iconAssetName: "AppIcon",
accentColorAssetName: "AccentColor",
supportedDeviceFamilies: [
supportedInterfaceOrientations: [
.portraitUpsideDown(.when(deviceFamilies: [.pad]))
targets: [
name: "AppModule",
path: "."
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