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Last active Sep 2, 2020
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Find uops that execute on p1 pre-ICL and on p0156 on ICL (x86-info-term example query code)
import re
from x86_info_term import get_cache
args, cache = get_cache()
uops_info = cache['datasets']['uops_info']['data']
for inst in uops_info:
for form in uops_info[inst]['forms']:
if 'ICL' in form['arch'] and 'SKX' in form['arch']:
ports_s = form['arch']['SKX'][0]
ports_i = form['arch']['ICL'][0]
results = [bool(, ports)) for pat in [r'\bp1\b', r'\bp0156\b']
for ports in [ports_s, ports_i]]
if results == [1, 0, 0, 1]:
print(inst, ports_s, ports_i)
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