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sarthology / regexCheatsheet.js
Created Jan 10, 2019
A regex cheatsheet 👩🏻‍💻 (by Catherine)
View regexCheatsheet.js
let regex;
/* matching a specific string */
regex = /hello/; // looks for the string between the forward slashes (case-sensitive)... matches "hello", "hello123", "123hello123", "123hello"; doesn't match for "hell0", "Hello"
regex = /hello/i; // looks for the string between the forward slashes (case-insensitive)... matches "hello", "HelLo", "123HelLO"
regex = /hello/g; // looks for multiple occurrences of string between the forward slashes...
/* wildcards */
regex = /h.llo/; // the "." matches any one character other than a new line character... matches "hello", "hallo" but not "h\nllo"
regex = /h.*llo/; // the "*" matches any character(s) zero or more times... matches "hello", "heeeeeello", "hllo", "hwarwareallo"
matthewpalmer / nfs-server.yaml
Created Oct 22, 2018
Example for NFS server in Kubernetes
View nfs-server.yaml
# Note - an NFS server isn't really a Kubernetes
# concept. We're just creating it in Kubernetes
# for illustration and convenience. In practice,
# it might be run in some other system.
# Create a service to expose the NFS server
# to pods inside the cluster.
kind: Service
apiVersion: v1
alexanderadam / Ansible Disk Check
Created Sep 15, 2018 — forked from mahemoff/Ansible Disk Check
Show disk space and warn about disk full in Ansible
View Ansible Disk Check
* Shows a message while asserting like:
ok: [host] => {
"msg": "disk usage 4.2B of total 20.0GB (21.0%) (should exceed limit 90.0%)"
* Note this only looks at first mount point on current node
* Fails if disk is near-full
* Last step pushes to a push-based monitoring service, which will alert us if it doesn't get there after some time
* Need to setup a variable `disk_limit`, which is the max acceptable usage ratio, e.g. set it to 0.8 if you want to keep disks within 80% of max size
melozo / daemon.json
Created Jun 12, 2018
Example Docker daemon.json
View daemon.json
"api-cors-header": "",
"authorization-plugins": [],
"bip": "",
"bridge": "",
"cgroup-parent": "",
"cluster-store": "",
"cluster-store-opts": {},
"cluster-advertise": "",
"debug": true,
matthewpalmer / pod.yaml
Last active Nov 21, 2019
Example Kubernetes pod for the multi-container sidecar design pattern
View pod.yaml
# Example YAML configuration for the sidecar pattern.
# It defines a main application container which writes
# the current date to a log file every five seconds.
# The sidecar container is nginx serving that log file.
# (In practice, your sidecar is likely to be a log collection
# container that uploads to external storage.)
# To run:
mrichman /
Last active Dec 31, 2019
Bootstrap script for setting up a new OSX machine
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Bootstrap script for setting up a new OSX machine
# This should be idempotent so it can be run multiple times.
# Some apps don't have a cask and so still need to be installed by hand. These
# include:
# - Twitter (app store)
ekreutz /
Created Dec 22, 2017
Ansible variable precedence (order, hierarchy)
visualskyrim / modify_ulimit.yml
Last active Dec 18, 2019
A ansible playbook to modify ulimit
View modify_ulimit.yml
- hosts: all
become: true
- name: configure system settings, file descriptors and number of threads
domain: <--your-username-->
limit_type: "{{item.limit_type}}"
limit_item: "{{item.limit_item}}"
value: "{{item.value}}"
jsoendermann /
Created Nov 22, 2017
阿里云 Aliyun OSS curl upload 上传
CONTENT_MD5=$(openssl dgst -md5 -binary "${FILEPATH}" | openssl enc -base64)
CONTENT_TYPE=$(file -ib "${FILEPATH}" |awk -F ";" '{print $1}')
DATE_VALUE="`TZ=GMT date +'%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT'`"
SIGNATURE=$(echo -e -n $STRING_TO_SIGN | openssl dgst -sha1 -binary -hmac $OSS_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET | openssl enc -base64)
curl -i -q -X PUT -T "${FILEPATH}" \
-H "Date: ${DATE_VALUE}" \
MoOx /
Last active Jan 3, 2020
How to keep in sync your Git repos on GitHub, GitLab & Bitbucket easily
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