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Last active Dec 17, 2015
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JS1K 2013 "Spring" Finalists

##JS1k 2013 Spring Finalists

#1 Strange crystals II by Philippe Deschaseaux @ehouais

#2 Furbee, get out of that tunnel ASAP by Roman Cortes @romancortes

#3 3013 The 䕵 space-time fracture by Mathieu 'p01' Henri @p01

#4 Synth Sphere by Noah Weninger@gleurop

#5 Pointillism by Benjamin Bill Planche @b_aldream

#6 3D City Tour by Jani Ylikangas

#7 Comanche by Siorki @Siorki

#8 Color Factors by Pablo Caro @pcaro90

#9 Winter Wrap Up by Arne @veubeke

#10 Psychedelic animation by Piotr Stosur

Honorable mentions


Last year's list:

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