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Created January 13, 2014 03:58
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Approved Maintenance Policy
2014-01-13 03:28:19 UTC

We'd like to take a minute and discuss our plans for ruby-core supported maintenance periods of Ruby.

For context, you should read our recent policy changes for semantic versioning.

Given the previously mentioned versioning scheme, we aim to support the following policy:

  • MINOR: With "best effort" goal with at least 6 months and at best 3 years.
  • TEENY: Will be released approximately every 2-3 months

We want to establish that ruby-core as a team is responsible for a proper End-of-Life for each MINOR version of Ruby.

Our current format is to assign a maintainer for each MINOR series of Ruby. It's important to note that this person is not obligated to commit for the entire 3 year suggested maintenance period.

Our main goal to avoid sudden death.

Thank you for your support as we continue to provide a stable and healthy Ruby.

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