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dear phiharmonics

Dear Phiharmonics,

There are a lot of wireless devices in my home and at my workplace and I believe they sometimes interfere with my research. I have some questions about whether your wi-fi energy dots could help me out in harmonizing my living spaces.

1.) What is the effective range of the harmonizing? Do they ever need to be replaced? If so, does more wifi wear them out faster?

2.) Is the harmonizing compatible with all of the IEEE 802.11 wireless standards or only b/g? And Bluetooth?

3.) They look like they're made of copper but you don't specify what, exactly, they are or what's in them. Do they still work if adhered to a conductive surface? Is it okay if they get wet?

4.) When you say it harmonizes to a resonance, what exactly is being resonated with? What is the Q factor, is it underdamped?

5.) What is the resultant center frequency after harmonizing and how do my wifi devices continue functioning when the signal is not on the expected carrier?

6.) Is there a reason your "research" link is 404?

7.) Should I be worried that the European Journal of Oncology generates a fractional number of external citations per article, i.e. the vast majority have never been cited?

8.) Did you get a license to be transforming these frequencies? I assume the naturally compatible resonance is not in the 2.4Ghz ISM band.

9.) How can electromagnetic radiation be "toxic", a biological term?

10.) How do you manage all of this without any visible power supply? Is this that inductive charging I keep hearing about? It must be extraordinarily efficient if it doesn't even require a base station.

11.) Your technology sounds really incredible and literally magical. This isn't a question, just admiration that someone has found astounding ways to break laws of physics and is surely swimming in their well-deserved Nobel prizes for proving that pixie dust is real. Only twenty-five pounds sterling apiece?!

Yours in utmost sincerity,

A literate human being

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