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no cooperation with ICE

0xabad1dea 0xabad1dea

no cooperation with ICE
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0xabad1dea / newspaper.html
Last active Dec 4, 2022
cohost newspaper template
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<div style="width:100%; font-family:serif;font-size:16px;text-align:justify;">
<div style="font-weight:900;text-align:center;font-size:48px;border-bottom:3px solid black;font-variant:small-caps;margin-bottom:0px;">
The Eggbug Times
<div style="font-style:italic; font-size:18px;text-align:center;">
the fourth website to ever exist
<div style="text-transform:uppercase;font-size:48px;text-align:center;">
0xabad1dea /
Created May 5, 2022
Perfect Fourths Calculator
# perfect fourths calculator for Geometric Elamite Musical Hypothesis
# 0xabad1dea (Melissa Elliott) May 5th 2022
import math
# reference pitch
a4 = 440.0
scalenames = ["A4", "Ab", "G", "Gb", "F", "E", "Eb", "D", "Db", "C", "B", "Bb", "A3"]
scale = [a4]
0xabad1dea / .config slash tilde slash config
Created Jan 5, 2022
candy girly theme for tilde text editor
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config_version = 1
%terminals {
name = "xterm-256color"
key_timeout = -1000
make_backup = false
hide_menubar = false
parse_file_positions = true
disable_primary_selection_over_ssh = false
color = true
0xabad1dea /
Last active Oct 25, 2022
Risk Assessment of GitHub Copilot

Risk Assessment of GitHub Copilot

0xabad1dea, July 2021

this is a rough draft and may be updated with more examples

GitHub was kind enough to grant me swift access to the Copilot test phase despite me @'ing them several hundred times about ICE. I would like to examine it not in terms of productivity, but security. How risky is it to allow an AI to write some or all of your code?

Ultimately, a human being must take responsibility for every line of code that is committed. AI should not be used for "responsibility washing." However, Copilot is a tool, and workers need their tools to be reliable. A carpenter doesn't have to

0xabad1dea / sha1-but-i-let-copilot-take-the-wheel.c
Created Jul 2, 2021
SHA1 But I Let Copilot Take The Wheel
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// SHA1 But I Let Copilot Take The Wheel
// this is ENTIRELY written by Github Copilot, all I did was
// give it a few prompts and made the absolute minimum changes
// to compile, which was rearranging the function order and
// adding one variable it had used without declaring.
// it does not quite work! have fun fixing it I guess :)
// license: uhh... a bot wrote it, I don't think you can
0xabad1dea /
Last active Jan 13, 2023
Speedrunning FAQ/Glossary

Speedrunning FAQ/Glossary

by 0xabad1dea September 2018

You may notice a decidedly Nintendo bias to the examples. I can't change who I am.

What is Speedrunning?

Speedrunning is:

  • Completing a video game

The Scammiest Scam To Yet Anonymity Scam

I'm still holding out for this being a hoax, a big joke, and that they're going to cancel the kickstarter any minute. It'd be quite the cute "lessons learned" about anonymity scams. However, I will be treating it from here on out as a genuine scam. (As of May 2nd, the kickstarter has been cancelled, after the strangest attempt to reply to this imaginable. Good riddance.)

This absolutely ridiculous thing was brought to my attention by a friend and since it was late at night I thought I must be delirious in how absurdly over the top fake it seemed. So I slept on it, woke up, and found that it had gotten a thousand dollars more funding and was every bit as flabbergasting as I thought it was.

Since I realize that not everyone has spent their entire lives studying computers – and such people are the targets of such scams –

0xabad1dea /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
celrim instructions

Installing cel-shaded effect into Skyrim

  1. Install enb for Skyrim. The site design is terrible, that list of version numbers at the bottom are the hyperlinks. You did it right if it displays version text in the top left a few seconds after Skyrim starts. For the record I use the injector version.

  2. in enblocal.ini in your skyrim folder, under the [ENGINE] group, put: ForceLodBias=true LodBias=4.0 which forces the textures to be shrunk down and throw out a lot of detail. 4.0 is as high as it goes, if anyone knows a way to get it to shrink textures to, say, 2x2 let me know.

  3. Download the "DOS effect" example from the sample ENB effects. Place it as effect.txt in your Skyrim folder.

0xabad1dea / banned.h
Last active Dec 27, 2015
banning macros
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/* include this file AFTER your standard includes */
/* clang -Weverything -Wno-unused-macros */
/* SIGNED ARITHMETIC IS THE ENEMY. (use "signed" for main, etc.) */
#define int BANNED
#ifdef strcpy
#undef strcpy
#define strcpy BANNED
0xabad1dea /
Last active Jun 18, 2022
Singular They in Technical English

Guidelines for Singular They in Technical English

by 0xabad1dea, December 2014

This document is an RFC of sorts for increasing the adoption rate of Singular They in technical English. This is not an ultimatum; this is not shaming anyone who has done otherwise; and this is definitely not applicable to any other language.

What is Singular They?