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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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celrim instructions

Installing cel-shaded effect into Skyrim

  1. Install enb for Skyrim. The site design is terrible, that list of version numbers at the bottom are the hyperlinks. You did it right if it displays version text in the top left a few seconds after Skyrim starts. For the record I use the injector version.

  2. in enblocal.ini in your skyrim folder, under the [ENGINE] group, put: ForceLodBias=true LodBias=4.0 which forces the textures to be shrunk down and throw out a lot of detail. 4.0 is as high as it goes, if anyone knows a way to get it to shrink textures to, say, 2x2 let me know.

  3. Download the "DOS effect" example from the sample ENB effects. Place it as effect.txt in your Skyrim folder.

  4. Open effect.txt and change this line in the PS_ProcessDos function: xs=float2(320.0, 240.0); so that it matches your resolution, for example, 1920.0, 1080.0. I'm guessing there's a way to make it autofill the current resolution but I don't actually know anything about shaders, hahahahahahaha ahhhhh.

  5. A few lines below that, change*=graymax; to*=graymax*3.2;. This brightens up the colors. You can try messing with the value, for example 2.2 or 4.4. 3.2 is calibrated against getting my screenshots to match my gamma (which is a few notches above the middle). If your screenshots come out too dark, bump up the number, or you can try fixing them in post, most image editors have a gamma adjust function.

  6. Now when you start Skyrim with ENB, everythign should be very cel shaded. There's room for improvement, it looks too hyperdetailed right now. I need to figure out what I can do about bump maps.

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