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Last active Dec 27, 2015
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Light Binary Loader for PSP
# by 173210 and Wololo (adapted from Gripshift loader by Matiaz)
.set noat
.set noreorder
addiu $a0, $ra, 0x80 # filename. If you change this value, move it in the savegame
li $a1, 1
jal 0x08A885C8 # sceIoOpen
li $a2, 31
move $s0, $v0 # backup $v0 value
move $a0, $v0 # set the return value of the function for arg0 of the next function
lui $a1, 0x48D2 # arg1 is 0x48D20000, (load address of the binary file) + 0x40000000
jal 0x08A88578 # sceIoRead
lui $a2, 1 # arg2, read 0x10000 bytes from the file
j 0x08A88590 # sceIoClose
move $a0, $s0 # restore $v0 value
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