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3dd13 / controllers.js
Created Jun 15, 2015
Testing ngCordova geolocation watchPosition and getCurrentPosition function
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.controller('DashCtrl', function($scope, $ionicPlatform, $cordovaGeolocation) {
var watch;
var watchOptions = {
timeout : 5000,
maximumAge: 3000,
enableHighAccuracy: true // may cause errors if true
var pollCurrentLocation = function() {
3dd13 / application.html.ejs
Created Apr 3, 2014
Working with i18n in geddy.this example shows how to see chinese translated text in http://localhost:4000/?locale=zh-tw
View application.html.ejs
<!-- app/views/layouts/application.html.ejs -->
<!-- generate a link with to switch locale -->
<li><%- linkTo(i18n.getText("nav.links.switch_to_english"), {locale: "en-us"}) %></li>
<li><%- linkTo(i18n.getText("nav.links.switch_to_chinese"), {locale: "zh-tw"}) %></li>
3dd13 / read_gmail_messages_by_label.rb
Created Feb 6, 2014
snippet to read your gmail emails by label
View read_gmail_messages_by_label.rb
require 'gmail'
require 'dotenv'
label_name = "" # label name here["GMAIL_USERNAME"], ENV["GMAIL_PASSWORD"]) do |gmail|
mail_with_label = gmail.label(label_name)
3dd13 / Gulpfile.js
Last active Mar 12, 2016 — forked from webdesserts/Gulpfile.js
Adapt the gulp hot reload file and apply to partial.js directory structure. (ignored public folder at the moment)
View Gulpfile.js
// NOTE: I previously suggested doing this through Grunt, but had plenty of problems with
// my set up. Grunt did some weird things with scope, and I ended up using nodemon. This
// setup is now using Gulp. It works exactly how I expect it to and is WAY more concise.
var gulp = require('gulp'),
spawn = require('child_process').spawn,
* $ gulp server
* description: launch the server. If there's a server already running, kill it.
3dd13 / guest_user.rb
Last active Dec 29, 2015
some helper methods for handling guest user in Rails (with devise) ecommerce website
View guest_user.rb
# User Stories:
# To start shopping easily,
# guest user wants to add items to shopping cart without signing up
# Code Explanation:
# - a guest_user is created when new user arrives to your website, so that he could have his own shopping cart, and adding items to shopping cart.
# - when the guest_user sign up, all items in the shopping cart should be transferred to the new signed up user account
3dd13 / ormat_apn_token.rb
Created Dec 19, 2012
Convert the apn token collected from iOS to the format apn_on_rails is expecting
View ormat_apn_token.rb
# the apn push token you collected from mobile is in this format:
# 00ea74e76a873e8e9c14c2dd2afe3b42abb35148e94042811e2b6985072641f2
# but actually, apn_on_rails is expecting this:
# 00ea74e7 6a873e8e 9c14c2dd 2afe3b42 abb35148 e9404281 1e2b6985 072641f2
def format_apn_token(text)
text && text.gsub(/(.{8})(?=.)/, '\1 \2')
3dd13 / Gemfile
Created Nov 27, 2012
Runing single ruby file on heroku
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source ''
3dd13 / ruby_ftp_example.rb
Created Nov 5, 2011
Sample code of using Ruby Net::FTP library. Login to FTP server, list out files, check directory existence, upload files
View ruby_ftp_example.rb
require 'net/ftp'
CONTENT_SERVER_FTP_LOGIN = "saucy-ftp-server-login"
CONTENT_SERVER_FTP_PASSWORD = "saucy-ftp-server-password"
# LOGIN and LIST available files at default home directory, CONTENT_SERVER_FTP_LOGIN, CONTENT_SERVER_FTP_PASSWORD) do |ftp|
files = ftp.list
3dd13 / updateClearboxTop.js
Created Sep 20, 2011
Javascript to update the "top" css style after every scroll event, to solve the mobile browser position:fixed; issue. The function is called only if the client browser (by checking user-agent) is one of the mobile browsers.
View updateClearboxTop.js
var deviceIphone = "iphone";
var deviceIpod = "ipod";
var deviceIpad = "ipad";
var deviceAndroid = "android";
//Initialize our user agent string to lower case.
var uagent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
function detectUserAgent(deviceName)
3dd13 / apple_green_address.rb
Created Sep 18, 2011
Scraping the address of "Apple Green" from
View apple_green_address.rb
# loading the mechanize library for scraping
# install it if you haven't done it:
# sudo gem install mechanize
require 'mechanize'
agent =
page = agent.get("")
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