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Last active October 26, 2016 08:28
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gradle to maven deps filter
cat build.gradle\
| awk '{$1=$1};1'\
| grep -i "compile "\
| sed -e "s/^compile //Ig" -e "s/^testCompile //Ig"\
| sed -e "s/\/\/.*//g"\
| sed -e "s/files(.*//g"\
| grep -v ^$\
| tr -d "'"\
| sed -e "s/\([-_[:alnum:]\.]*\):\([-_[:alnum:]\.]*\):\([-+_[:alnum:]\.]*\)/<dependency>\n\t<groupId>\1<\/groupId>\n\t<artifactId>\2<\/artifactId>\n\t<version>\3<\/version>\n<\/dependency>/g"
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