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@7shi 7shi/__inst2.txt
Created Nov 28, 2012

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AArch64(ARM64) instructions
0e20b800 abs V, V
5ee0b800 abs D, D
1a000000 adc W, W, W
1a1f0000 adc W, W
9a000000 adc X, X, X
9a1f0000 adc X, X
3a000000 adcs W, W, W
3a1f0000 adcs W, W
ba000000 adcs X, X, X
ba1f0000 adcs X, X
0b000000 add W, W, W
0b1f0000 add W, W
0e208400 add V, V, V
11000000 add W, W, #0x
5ee08400 add D, D, D
8b000000 add X, X, X
8b1f0000 add X, X
8b200000 add X, X, W
91000000 add X, X, #0x
0e204000 addhn V, V, V
4e204000 addhn2 V, V, V
0e20bc00 addp V, V, V
5ef1b800 addp D, V
2b000000 adds W, W, W
2b1f0000 adds W, W
31000000 adds W, W, #0x
ab000000 adds X, X, X
ab1f0000 adds X, X
ab200000 adds X, X, W
b1000000 adds X, X, #0x
0e31b800 addv B, V
0e71b800 addv H, V
4eb1b800 addv S, V
10000000 adr X, 0x
90000000 adrp X, 0x
4e285800 aesd V, V
4e284800 aese V, V
4e287800 aesimc V, V
4e286800 aesmc V, V
0a000000 and W, W, W
0a1f0000 and W, W
0e201c00 and V, V, V
12000000 and W, W, #0x
8a000000 and X, X, X
8a1f0000 and X, X
92000000 and X, X, #0x
6a000000 ands W, W, W
6a1f0000 ands W, W
72000000 ands W, W, #0x
ea000000 ands X, X, X
ea1f0000 ands X, X
f2000000 ands X, X, #0x
13007c00 asr W, W, #
1ac02800 asr W, W, W
1adf2800 asr W, W
9340fc00 asr X, X, #
9ac02800 asr X, X, X
9adf2800 asr X, X
d5087800 at Se1r, X
d50c7800 at Se2r, X
d50e7800 at Se3r, X
14000000 b 0x
54000000 b.eq 0x
33010000 bfi W, W, #, #
b3410000 bfi X, X, #, #
33000000 bfxil W, W, #, #
b3400000 bfxil X, X, #, #
0a200000 bic W, W, W
0a3f0000 bic W, W
0e601c00 bic V, V, V
2f001400 bic V, #0x
8a200000 bic X, X, X
8a3f0000 bic X, X
6a200000 bics W, W, W
6a3f0000 bics W, W
ea200000 bics X, X, X
ea3f0000 bics X, X
2ee01c00 bif V, V, V
2ea01c00 bit V, V, V
94000000 bl 0x
d63f0000 blr X
d61f0000 br X
d4200000 brk #0x
2e601c00 bsl V, V, V
35000000 cbnz W, 0x
b5000000 cbnz X, 0x
34000000 cbz W, 0x
b4000000 cbz X, 0x
3a400000 ccmn W, W, #0x
3a400800 ccmn W, #0x, #0x
ba400000 ccmn X, X, #0x
ba400800 ccmn X, #0x, #0x
7a400000 ccmp W, W, #0x
7a400800 ccmp W, #0x, #0x
fa400000 ccmp X, X, #0x
fa400800 ccmp X, #0x, #0x
1a800400 cinc W, W
9a800400 cinc X, X
5a800000 cinv W, W
da800000 cinv X, X
0e204800 cls V, V
5ac01400 cls W, W
dac01400 cls X, X
2e204800 clz V, V
5ac01000 clz W, W
dac01000 clz X, X
0e209800 cmeq V, V, #
2e208c00 cmeq V, V, V
5ee09800 cmeq D, D, #
7ee08c00 cmeq D, D, D
0e203c00 cmge V, V, V
2e208800 cmge V, V, #
5ee03c00 cmge D, D, D
7ee08800 cmge D, D, #
0e203400 cmgt V, V, V
0e208800 cmgt V, V, #
5ee03400 cmgt D, D, D
5ee08800 cmgt D, D, #
2e203400 cmhi V, V, V
7ee03400 cmhi D, D, D
2e203c00 cmhs V, V, V
7ee03c00 cmhs D, D, D
2e209800 cmle V, V, #
7ee09800 cmle D, D, #
0e20a800 cmlt V, V, #
5ee0a800 cmlt D, D, #
0e208c00 cmtst V, V, V
5ee08c00 cmtst D, D, D
5a800400 cneg W, W
da800400 cneg X, X
0e205800 cnt V, V
1a800000 csel W, W, W
9a800000 csel X, X, X
1a800500 csinc W, W, W
9a800500 csinc X, X, X
5a800100 csinv W, W, W
da800100 csinv X, X, X
5a800500 csneg W, W, W
da800500 csneg X, X, X
0e010400 dup V, V[]
0e010c00 dup V, W
4e080c00 dup V, X
4a200000 eon W, W, W
4a3f0000 eon W, W
ca200000 eon X, X, X
ca3f0000 eon X, X
2e201c00 eor V, V, V
4a000000 eor W, W, W
4a1f0000 eor W, W
52000000 eor W, W, #0x
ca000000 eor X, X, X
ca1f0000 eor X, X
d2000000 eor X, X, #0x
2e000000 ext V, V, V, #
13800100 extr W, W, W, #
93c00100 extr X, X, X, #
2ea0d400 fabd V, V, V
7ea0d400 fabd S, S, S
7ee0d400 fabd D, D, D
0ea0f800 fabs V, V
1e20c000 fabs S, S
1e60c000 fabs D, D
2e20ec00 facge V, V, V
7e20ec00 facge S, S, S
7e60ec00 facge D, D, D
2ea0ec00 facgt V, V, V
7ea0ec00 facgt S, S, S
7ee0ec00 facgt D, D, D
0e20d400 fadd V, V, V
1e202800 fadd S, S, S
1e602800 fadd D, D, D
2e20d400 faddp V, V, V
7e30d800 faddp S, V
7e70d800 faddp D, V
1e200400 fccmp S, S, #0x
1e600400 fccmp D, D, #0x
0e20e400 fcmeq V, V, V
0ea0d800 fcmeq V, V, #
5e20e400 fcmeq S, S, S
5e60e400 fcmeq D, D, D
5ea0d800 fcmeq S, S, #
5ee0d800 fcmeq D, D, #
2e20e400 fcmge V, V, V
2ea0c800 fcmge V, V, #
7e20e400 fcmge S, S, S
7e60e400 fcmge D, D, D
7ea0c800 fcmge S, S, #
7ee0c800 fcmge D, D, #
0ea0c800 fcmgt V, V, #
2ea0e400 fcmgt V, V, V
5ea0c800 fcmgt S, S, #
5ee0c800 fcmgt D, D, #
7ea0e400 fcmgt S, S, S
7ee0e400 fcmgt D, D, D
2ea0d800 fcmle V, V, #
7ea0d800 fcmle S, S, #
7ee0d800 fcmle D, D, #
0ea0e800 fcmlt V, V, #
5ea0e800 fcmlt S, S, #
5ee0e800 fcmlt D, D, #
1e202000 fcmp S, S
1e602000 fcmp D, D
1e200c00 fcsel S, S, S
1e600c00 fcsel D, D, D
1e22c000 fcvt D, S
1e23c000 fcvt H, S
1e624000 fcvt S, D
1e63c000 fcvt H, D
1ee24000 fcvt S, H
1ee2c000 fcvt D, H
0e21c800 fcvtas V, V
1e240000 fcvtas W, S
1e640000 fcvtas W, D
5e21c800 fcvtas S, S
5e61c800 fcvtas D, D
9e240000 fcvtas X, S
9e640000 fcvtas X, D
1e250000 fcvtau W, S
1e650000 fcvtau W, D
2e21c800 fcvtau V, V
7e21c800 fcvtau S, S
7e61c800 fcvtau D, D
9e250000 fcvtau X, S
9e650000 fcvtau X, D
0e217800 fcvtl V, V
4e217800 fcvtl2 V, V
0e21b800 fcvtms V, V
1e300000 fcvtms W, S
1e700000 fcvtms W, D
5e21b800 fcvtms S, S
5e61b800 fcvtms D, D
9e300000 fcvtms X, S
9e700000 fcvtms X, D
1e310000 fcvtmu W, S
1e710000 fcvtmu W, D
2e21b800 fcvtmu V, V
7e21b800 fcvtmu S, S
7e61b800 fcvtmu D, D
9e310000 fcvtmu X, S
9e710000 fcvtmu X, D
0e216800 fcvtn V, V
4e216800 fcvtn2 V, V
0e21a800 fcvtns V, V
1e200000 fcvtns W, S
1e600000 fcvtns W, D
5e21a800 fcvtns S, S
5e61a800 fcvtns D, D
9e200000 fcvtns X, S
9e600000 fcvtns X, D
1e210000 fcvtnu W, S
1e610000 fcvtnu W, D
2e21a800 fcvtnu V, V
7e21a800 fcvtnu S, S
7e61a800 fcvtnu D, D
9e210000 fcvtnu X, S
9e610000 fcvtnu X, D
0ea1a800 fcvtps V, V
1e280000 fcvtps W, S
1e680000 fcvtps W, D
5ea1a800 fcvtps S, S
5ee1a800 fcvtps D, D
9e280000 fcvtps X, S
9e680000 fcvtps X, D
1e290000 fcvtpu W, S
1e690000 fcvtpu W, D
2ea1a800 fcvtpu V, V
7ea1a800 fcvtpu S, S
7ee1a800 fcvtpu D, D
9e290000 fcvtpu X, S
9e690000 fcvtpu X, D
2e616800 fcvtxn V, V
7e616800 fcvtxn S, D
6e616800 fcvtxn2 V, V
0ea1b800 fcvtzs V, V
0f20fc00 fcvtzs V, V, #
1e188000 fcvtzs W, S, #
1e380000 fcvtzs W, S
1e588000 fcvtzs W, D, #
1e780000 fcvtzs W, D
5ea1b800 fcvtzs S, S
5ee1b800 fcvtzs D, D
5f20fc00 fcvtzs S, S, #
5f40fc00 fcvtzs D, D, #
9e180000 fcvtzs X, S, #
9e380000 fcvtzs X, S
9e580000 fcvtzs X, D, #
9e780000 fcvtzs X, D
1e198000 fcvtzu W, S, #
1e390000 fcvtzu W, S
1e598000 fcvtzu W, D, #
1e790000 fcvtzu W, D
2ea1b800 fcvtzu V, V
2f20fc00 fcvtzu V, V, #
7ea1b800 fcvtzu S, S
7ee1b800 fcvtzu D, D
7f20fc00 fcvtzu S, S, #
7f40fc00 fcvtzu D, D, #
9e190000 fcvtzu X, S, #
9e390000 fcvtzu X, S
9e590000 fcvtzu X, D, #
9e790000 fcvtzu X, D
1e201800 fdiv S, S, S
1e601800 fdiv D, D, D
2e20fc00 fdiv V, V, V
1f000000 fmadd S, S, S, S
1f400000 fmadd D, D, D, D
0e20f400 fmax V, V, V
1e204800 fmax S, S, S
1e604800 fmax D, D, D
0e20c400 fmaxnm V, V, V
1e206800 fmaxnm S, S, S
1e606800 fmaxnm D, D, D
2e20c400 fmaxnmp V, V, V
7e30c800 fmaxnmp S, V
7e70c800 fmaxnmp D, V
6e30c800 fmaxnmv S, V
2e20f400 fmaxp V, V, V
7e30f800 fmaxp S, V
7e70f800 fmaxp D, V
6e30f800 fmaxv S, V
0ea0f400 fmin V, V, V
1e205800 fmin S, S, S
1e605800 fmin D, D, D
0ea0c400 fminnm V, V, V
1e207800 fminnm S, S, S
1e607800 fminnm D, D, D
2ea0c400 fminnmp V, V, V
7eb0c800 fminnmp S, V
7ef0c800 fminnmp D, V
6eb0c800 fminnmv S, V
2ea0f400 fminp V, V, V
7eb0f800 fminp S, V
7ef0f800 fminp D, V
6eb0f800 fminv S, V
0e20cc00 fmla V, V, V
0f801000 fmla V, V, V[]
5f801000 fmla S, S, V[]
5fc01000 fmla D, D, V[]
0ea0cc00 fmls V, V, V
0f805000 fmls V, V, V[]
5f805000 fmls S, S, V[]
5fc05000 fmls D, D, V[]
0f00f400 fmov V, #e+000
0f01f500 fmov V, #e+001
0f02f400 fmov V, #e-001
1e201000 fmov S, #e+000
1e204000 fmov S, S
1e249000 fmov S, #e+001
1e260000 fmov W, S
1e270000 fmov S, W
1e281000 fmov S, #e-001
1e601000 fmov D, #e+000
1e604000 fmov D, D
1e649000 fmov D, #e+001
1e660000 fmov W, D
1e670000 fmov D, W
1e681000 fmov D, #e-001
9e260000 fmov X, S
9e270000 fmov S, X
9e660000 fmov X, D
9e670000 fmov D, X
9eae0000 fmov X, V[]
9eaf0000 fmov V[], X
1f008000 fmsub S, S, S, S
1f408000 fmsub D, D, D, D
0f809000 fmul V, V, V[]
1e200800 fmul S, S, S
1e600800 fmul D, D, D
2e20dc00 fmul V, V, V
5f809000 fmul S, S, V[]
5fc09000 fmul D, D, V[]
0e20dc00 fmulx V, V, V
2f809000 fmulx V, V, V[]
5e20dc00 fmulx S, S, S
5e60dc00 fmulx D, D, D
7f809000 fmulx S, S, V[]
7fc09000 fmulx D, D, V[]
1e214000 fneg S, S
1e614000 fneg D, D
2ea0f800 fneg V, V
1f200000 fnmadd S, S, S, S
1f600000 fnmadd D, D, D, D
1f208000 fnmsub S, S, S, S
1f608000 fnmsub D, D, D, D
1e208800 fnmul S, S, S
1e608800 fnmul D, D, D
0ea1d800 frecpe V, V
5ea1d800 frecpe S, S
5ee1d800 frecpe D, D
0e20fc00 frecps V, V, V
5e20fc00 frecps S, S, S
5e60fc00 frecps D, D, D
5ea1f800 frecpx S, S
5ee1f800 frecpx D, D
1e264000 frinta S, S
1e664000 frinta D, D
2e218800 frinta V, V
1e27c000 frinti S, S
1e67c000 frinti D, D
2ea19800 frinti V, V
0e219800 frintm V, V
1e254000 frintm S, S
1e654000 frintm D, D
0e218800 frintn V, V
1e244000 frintn S, S
1e644000 frintn D, D
0ea18800 frintp V, V
1e24c000 frintp S, S
1e64c000 frintp D, D
1e274000 frintx S, S
1e674000 frintx D, D
2e219800 frintx V, V
0ea19800 frintz V, V
1e25c000 frintz S, S
1e65c000 frintz D, D
2ea1d800 frsqrte V, V
7ea1d800 frsqrte S, S
7ee1d800 frsqrte D, D
0ea0fc00 frsqrts V, V, V
5ea0fc00 frsqrts S, S, S
5ee0fc00 frsqrts D, D, D
1e21c000 fsqrt S, S
1e61c000 fsqrt D, D
2ea1f800 fsqrt V, V
0ea0d400 fsub V, V, V
1e203800 fsub S, S, S
1e603800 fsub D, D, D
d4400000 hlt #0x
d5087100 ic ialluis
d5087500 ic iallu
0c402000 ld1 {V-V}, [X]
0c407000 ld1 {V}, [X]
0c40a000 ld1 {V, V}, [X]
0cc02000 ld1 {V-V}, [X], X
0cc07000 ld1 {V}, [X], X
0cc0a000 ld1 {V, V}, [X], X
0cdf2000 ld1 {V-V}, [X], #
0cdf7000 ld1 {V}, [X], #
0cdfa000 ld1 {V, V}, [X], #
0d400000 ld1 {V}[], [X]
0dc00000 ld1 {V}[], [X], X
0ddf0000 ld1 {V}[], [X], #
0d40c000 ld1r {V}, [X]
0dc0c000 ld1r {V}, [X], X
0ddfc000 ld1r {V}, [X], #
0c408000 ld2 {V, V}, [X]
0cc08000 ld2 {V, V}, [X], X
0cdf8000 ld2 {V, V}, [X], #
0d600000 ld2 {V, V}[], [X]
0de00000 ld2 {V, V}[], [X], X
0dff0000 ld2 {V, V}[], [X], #
0d60c000 ld2r {V, V}, [X]
0de0c000 ld2r {V, V}, [X], X
0dffc000 ld2r {V, V}, [X], #
0c404000 ld3 {V-V}, [X]
0cc04000 ld3 {V-V}, [X], X
0cdf4000 ld3 {V-V}, [X], #
0d402000 ld3 {V-V}[], [X]
0dc02000 ld3 {V-V}[], [X], X
0ddf2000 ld3 {V-V}[], [X], #
0d40e000 ld3r {V-V}, [X]
0dc0e000 ld3r {V-V}, [X], X
0ddfe000 ld3r {V-V}, [X], #
0c400000 ld4 {V-V}, [X]
0cc00000 ld4 {V-V}, [X], X
0cdf0000 ld4 {V-V}, [X], #
0d602000 ld4 {V-V}[], [X]
0de02000 ld4 {V-V}[], [X], X
0dff2000 ld4 {V-V}[], [X], #
0d60e000 ld4r {V-V}, [X]
0de0e000 ld4r {V-V}, [X], X
0dffe000 ld4r {V-V}, [X], #
88c08000 ldar W, [X]
c8c08000 ldar X, [X]
08c08000 ldarb W, [X]
48c08000 ldarh W, [X]
88608000 ldaxp W, W, [X]
c8608000 ldaxp X, X, [X]
88408000 ldaxr W, [X]
c8408000 ldaxr X, [X]
08408000 ldaxrb W, [X]
48408000 ldaxrh W, [X]
28400000 ldnp W, W, [X]
28408000 ldnp W, W, [X,#]
2c400000 ldnp S, S, [X]
2c408000 ldnp S, S, [X,#]
6c400000 ldnp D, D, [X]
6c408000 ldnp D, D, [X,#]
a8400000 ldnp X, X, [X]
a8408000 ldnp X, X, [X,#]
ac400000 ldnp Q, Q, [X]
ac408000 ldnp Q, Q, [X,#]
28c00000 ldp W, W, [X],#
29400000 ldp W, W, [X]
29408000 ldp W, W, [X,#]
29c00000 ldp W, W, [X,#]!
2cc00000 ldp S, S, [X],#
2d400000 ldp S, S, [X]
2d408000 ldp S, S, [X,#]
2dc00000 ldp S, S, [X,#]!
6cc00000 ldp D, D, [X],#
6d400000 ldp D, D, [X]
6d408000 ldp D, D, [X,#]
6dc00000 ldp D, D, [X,#]!
a8c00000 ldp X, X, [X],#
a9400000 ldp X, X, [X]
a9408000 ldp X, X, [X,#]
a9c00000 ldp X, X, [X,#]!
acc00000 ldp Q, Q, [X],#
ad400000 ldp Q, Q, [X]
ad408000 ldp Q, Q, [X,#]
adc00000 ldp Q, Q, [X,#]!
68c00000 ldpsw X, X, [X],#
69400000 ldpsw X, X, [X]
69408000 ldpsw X, X, [X,#]
69c00000 ldpsw X, X, [X,#]!
18000000 ldr W, 0x
1c000000 ldr S, 0x
3c400400 ldr B, [X],#
3c400c00 ldr B, [X,#]!
3c500000 ldr B, [X,#]
3c604800 ldr B, [X,W,uxtw]
3c606800 ldr B, [X,X]
3c607800 ldr B, [X,X,lsl]
3c60c800 ldr B, [X,W,sxtw]
3c60e800 ldr B, [X,X,sxtx]
3cc00400 ldr Q, [X],#
3cc00c00 ldr Q, [X,#]!
3cc01000 ldr Q, [X,#]
3ce04800 ldr Q, [X,W,uxtw]
3ce06800 ldr Q, [X,X]
3ce07800 ldr Q, [X,X,lsl]
3ce0c800 ldr Q, [X,W,sxtw]
3ce0e800 ldr Q, [X,X,sxtx]
3d400000 ldr B, [X]
3dc00000 ldr Q, [X]
58000000 ldr X, 0x
5c000000 ldr D, 0x
7c400400 ldr H, [X],#
7c400c00 ldr H, [X,#]!
7c401000 ldr H, [X,#]
7c604800 ldr H, [X,W,uxtw]
7c606800 ldr H, [X,X]
7c607800 ldr H, [X,X,lsl]
7c60c800 ldr H, [X,W,sxtw]
7c60e800 ldr H, [X,X,sxtx]
7d400000 ldr H, [X]
9c000000 ldr Q, 0x
b8400400 ldr W, [X],#
b8400c00 ldr W, [X,#]!
b8401000 ldr W, [X,#]
b8604800 ldr W, [X,W,uxtw]
b8606800 ldr W, [X,X]
b8607800 ldr W, [X,X,lsl]
b860c800 ldr W, [X,W,sxtw]
b860e800 ldr W, [X,X,sxtx]
b9400000 ldr W, [X]
bc400400 ldr S, [X],#
bc400c00 ldr S, [X,#]!
bc401000 ldr S, [X,#]
bc604800 ldr S, [X,W,uxtw]
bc606800 ldr S, [X,X]
bc607800 ldr S, [X,X,lsl]
bc60c800 ldr S, [X,W,sxtw]
bc60e800 ldr S, [X,X,sxtx]
bd400000 ldr S, [X]
f8400400 ldr X, [X],#
f8400c00 ldr X, [X,#]!
f8401000 ldr X, [X,#]
f8604800 ldr X, [X,W,uxtw]
f8606800 ldr X, [X,X]
f8607800 ldr X, [X,X,lsl]
f860c800 ldr X, [X,W,sxtw]
f860e800 ldr X, [X,X,sxtx]
f9400000 ldr X, [X]
fc400400 ldr D, [X],#
fc400c00 ldr D, [X,#]!
fc401000 ldr D, [X,#]
fc604800 ldr D, [X,W,uxtw]
fc606800 ldr D, [X,X]
fc607800 ldr D, [X,X,lsl]
fc60c800 ldr D, [X,W,sxtw]
fc60e800 ldr D, [X,X,sxtx]
fd400000 ldr D, [X]
38400400 ldrb W, [X],#
38400c00 ldrb W, [X,#]!
38500000 ldrb W, [X,#]
38604800 ldrb W, [X,W,uxtw]
38606800 ldrb W, [X,X]
38607800 ldrb W, [X,X,lsl]
3860c800 ldrb W, [X,W,sxtw]
3860e800 ldrb W, [X,X,sxtx]
39400000 ldrb W, [X]
78400400 ldrh W, [X],#
78400c00 ldrh W, [X,#]!
78401000 ldrh W, [X,#]
78604800 ldrh W, [X,W,uxtw]
78606800 ldrh W, [X,X]
78607800 ldrh W, [X,X,lsl]
7860c800 ldrh W, [X,W,sxtw]
7860e800 ldrh W, [X,X,sxtx]
79400000 ldrh W, [X]
38800400 ldrsb X, [X],#
38800c00 ldrsb X, [X,#]!
38900000 ldrsb X, [X,#]
38a04800 ldrsb X, [X,W,uxtw]
38a06800 ldrsb X, [X,X]
38a07800 ldrsb X, [X,X,lsl]
38a0c800 ldrsb X, [X,W,sxtw]
38a0e800 ldrsb X, [X,X,sxtx]
38c00400 ldrsb W, [X],#
38c00c00 ldrsb W, [X,#]!
38d00000 ldrsb W, [X,#]
38e04800 ldrsb W, [X,W,uxtw]
38e06800 ldrsb W, [X,X]
38e07800 ldrsb W, [X,X,lsl]
38e0c800 ldrsb W, [X,W,sxtw]
38e0e800 ldrsb W, [X,X,sxtx]
39800000 ldrsb X, [X]
39c00000 ldrsb W, [X]
78800400 ldrsh X, [X],#
78800c00 ldrsh X, [X,#]!
78801000 ldrsh X, [X,#]
78a04800 ldrsh X, [X,W,uxtw]
78a06800 ldrsh X, [X,X]
78a07800 ldrsh X, [X,X,lsl]
78a0c800 ldrsh X, [X,W,sxtw]
78a0e800 ldrsh X, [X,X,sxtx]
78c00400 ldrsh W, [X],#
78c00c00 ldrsh W, [X,#]!
78c01000 ldrsh W, [X,#]
78e04800 ldrsh W, [X,W,uxtw]
78e06800 ldrsh W, [X,X]
78e07800 ldrsh W, [X,X,lsl]
78e0c800 ldrsh W, [X,W,sxtw]
78e0e800 ldrsh W, [X,X,sxtx]
79800000 ldrsh X, [X]
79c00000 ldrsh W, [X]
98000000 ldrsw X, 0x
b8800400 ldrsw X, [X],#
b8800c00 ldrsw X, [X,#]!
b8801000 ldrsw X, [X,#]
b8a04800 ldrsw X, [X,W,uxtw]
b8a06800 ldrsw X, [X,X]
b8a07800 ldrsw X, [X,X,lsl]
b8a0c800 ldrsw X, [X,W,sxtw]
b8a0e800 ldrsw X, [X,X,sxtx]
b9800000 ldrsw X, [X]
b8400800 ldtr W, [X]
b8401800 ldtr W, [X,#]
f8400800 ldtr X, [X]
f8401800 ldtr X, [X,#]
38400800 ldtrb W, [X]
38401800 ldtrb W, [X,#]
78400800 ldtrh W, [X]
78401800 ldtrh W, [X,#]
38800800 ldtrsb X, [X]
38801800 ldtrsb X, [X,#]
38c00800 ldtrsb W, [X]
38c01800 ldtrsb W, [X,#]
78800800 ldtrsh X, [X]
78801800 ldtrsh X, [X,#]
78c00800 ldtrsh W, [X]
78c01800 ldtrsh W, [X,#]
b8800800 ldtrsw X, [X]
b8801800 ldtrsw X, [X,#]
3c400000 ldur B, [X]
3c401000 ldur B, [X,#]
3cc00000 ldur Q, [X]
3cc10000 ldur Q, [X,#]
7c400000 ldur H, [X]
7c402000 ldur H, [X,#]
b8400000 ldur W, [X]
b8404000 ldur W, [X,#]
bc400000 ldur S, [X]
bc404000 ldur S, [X,#]
f8400000 ldur X, [X]
f8408000 ldur X, [X,#]
fc400000 ldur D, [X]
fc408000 ldur D, [X,#]
38400000 ldurb W, [X]
38401000 ldurb W, [X,#]
78400000 ldurh W, [X]
78402000 ldurh W, [X,#]
38800000 ldursb X, [X]
38801000 ldursb X, [X,#]
38c00000 ldursb W, [X]
38c01000 ldursb W, [X,#]
78800000 ldursh X, [X]
78802000 ldursh X, [X,#]
78c00000 ldursh W, [X]
78c02000 ldursh W, [X,#]
b8800000 ldursw X, [X]
b8804000 ldursw X, [X,#]
88600000 ldxp W, W, [X]
c8600000 ldxp X, X, [X]
88400000 ldxr W, [X]
c8400000 ldxr X, [X]
08400000 ldxrb W, [X]
48400000 ldxrh W, [X]
1ac02000 lsl W, W, W
1adf2000 lsl W, W
53010000 lsl W, W, #
9ac02000 lsl X, X, X
9adf2000 lsl X, X
d3410000 lsl X, X, #
1ac02400 lsr W, W, W
1adf2400 lsr W, W
53007c00 lsr W, W, #
9ac02400 lsr X, X, X
9adf2400 lsr X, X
d340fc00 lsr X, X, #
1b000000 madd W, W, W, W
9b000000 madd X, X, X, X
0e209400 mla V, V, V
2f400000 mla V, V, V[]
2e209400 mls V, V, V
2f404000 mls V, V, V[]
1b00fc00 mneg W, W, W
1b1ffc00 mneg W, W
9b00fc00 mneg X, X, X
9b1ffc00 mneg X, X
0e043c00 mov W, V[]
0ea01c00 mov V, V
4e011c00 mov V[], W
4e081c00 mov V[], X
4e083c00 mov X, V[]
5e010400 mov B, V[]
5e020400 mov H, V[]
5e040400 mov S, V[]
5e080400 mov D, V[]
6e010400 mov V[], V[]
0f000400 movi V, #0x
2f00e400 movi D, #0x
72800000 movk W, #0x
f2800000 movk X, #0x
12800000 movn W, #0x
92800000 movn X, #0x
52800000 movz W, #0x
d2800000 movz X, #0x
d5300000 mrs X, CONST
d5384200 mrs X
d5100000 msr CONST, X
d5184200 msr spsel, X
d51b4200 msr nzcv, X
d51b4400 msr fpcr, X
1b008000 msub W, W, W, W
9b008000 msub X, X, X, X
0e209c00 mul V, V, V
0f408000 mul V, V, V[]
1b007c00 mul W, W, W
1b1f7c00 mul W, W
9b007c00 mul X, X, X
9b1f7c00 mul X, X
2e205800 mvn V, V
2f000400 mvni V, #0x
2e20b800 neg V, V
7ee0b800 neg D, D
0ee01c00 orn V, V, V
2a200000 orn W, W, W
2a3f0000 orn W, W
aa200000 orn X, X, X
aa3f0000 orn X, X
0ea01d00 orr V, V, V
0f001400 orr V, #0x
2a000000 orr W, W, W
2a1f0000 orr W, W
32000000 orr W, W, #0x
aa000000 orr X, X, X
aa1f0000 orr X, X
b2000000 orr X, X, #0x
2e209c00 pmul V, V, V
0e20e000 pmull V, V, V
4e20e000 pmull2 V, V, V
d8000000 prfm pldl1keep, 0x
f8801000 prfm pldl1keep, [X,#]
f8a04800 prfm pldl1keep, [X,W,uxtw]
f8a06800 prfm pldl1keep, [X,X]
f8a07800 prfm pldl1keep, [X,X,lsl]
f8a0c800 prfm pldl1keep, [X,W,sxtw]
f8a0e800 prfm pldl1keep, [X,X,sxtx]
f9800000 prfm pldl1keep, [X]
f8800000 prfum pldl1keep, [X]
f8808000 prfum pldl1keep, [X,#]
2e204000 raddhn V, V, V
6e204000 raddhn2 V, V, V
2e605800 rbit V, V
5ac00000 rbit W, W
dac00000 rbit X, X
d65f0000 ret X
5ac00800 rev W, W
5ac00c00 rev X, X
0e201800 rev16 V, V
5ac00400 rev16 W, W
dac00400 rev16 X, X
2e200800 rev32 V, V
dac00800 rev32 X, X
0e200800 rev64 V, V
13800000 ror W, W, #
1ac02c00 ror W, W, W
1adf2c00 ror W, W
93c00000 ror X, X, #
9ac02c00 ror X, X, X
9adf2c00 ror X, X
0f088c00 rshrn V, V, #
4f088c00 rshrn2 V, V, #
2e206000 rsubhn V, V, V
6e206000 rsubhn2 V, V, V
0e207c00 saba V, V, V
0e205000 sabal V, V, V
4e205000 sabal2 V, V, V
0e207400 sabd V, V, V
0e207000 sabdl V, V, V
4e207000 sabdl2 V, V, V
0e206800 sadalp V, V
0e200000 saddl V, V, V
4e200000 saddl2 V, V, V
0e202800 saddlp V, V
0e303800 saddlv H, V
0e703800 saddlv S, V
4eb03800 saddlv D, V
0e201000 saddw V, V, V
4e201000 saddw2 V, V, V
5a000000 sbc W, W, W
5a1f0000 sbc W, W
da000000 sbc X, X, X
da1f0000 sbc X, X
7a000000 sbcs W, W, W
7a1f0000 sbcs W, W
fa000000 sbcs X, X, X
fa1f0000 sbcs X, X
13010000 sbfiz W, W, #, #
93410000 sbfiz X, X, #, #
13000000 sbfx W, W, #, #
93400000 sbfx X, X, #, #
0e21d800 scvtf V, V
0f20e400 scvtf V, V, #
1e028000 scvtf S, W, #
1e220000 scvtf S, W
1e428000 scvtf D, W, #
1e620000 scvtf D, W
5e21d800 scvtf S, S
5e61d800 scvtf D, D
5f20e400 scvtf S, S, #
5f40e400 scvtf D, D, #
9e020000 scvtf S, X, #
9e220000 scvtf S, X
9e420000 scvtf D, X, #
9e620000 scvtf D, X
1ac00c00 sdiv W, W, W
1adf0c00 sdiv W, W
9ac00c00 sdiv X, X, X
9adf0c00 sdiv X, X
5e000000 sha1c Q, S, V
5e280800 sha1h S, S
5e002000 sha1m Q, S, V
5e001000 sha1p Q, S, V
5e003000 sha1su0 V, V, V
5e281800 sha1su1 V, V
5e004000 sha256h Q, Q, V
5e005000 sha256h2 Q, Q, V
5e282800 sha256su0 V, V
5e006000 sha256su1 V, V, V
0e200400 shadd V, V, V
0f085400 shl V, V, #
5f405400 shl D, D, #
2e213800 shll V, V, #
6e213800 shll2 V, V, #
0f088400 shrn V, V, #
4f088400 shrn2 V, V, #
0e202400 shsub V, V, V
2f085400 sli V, V, #
7f405400 sli D, D, #
9b200000 smaddl X, W, W, X
0e206400 smax V, V, V
0e20a400 smaxp V, V, V
0e30a800 smaxv B, V
0e70a800 smaxv H, V
4eb0a800 smaxv S, V
0e206c00 smin V, V, V
0e20ac00 sminp V, V, V
0e31a800 sminv B, V
0e71a800 sminv H, V
4eb1a800 sminv S, V
0e208000 smlal V, V, V
0f402000 smlal V, V, V[]
4e208000 smlal2 V, V, V
4f402000 smlal2 V, V, V[]
0e20a000 smlsl V, V, V
0f406000 smlsl V, V, V[]
4e20a000 smlsl2 V, V, V
4f406000 smlsl2 V, V, V[]
9b20fc00 smnegl X, W, W
9b3ffc00 smnegl X, W
0e012c00 smov W, V[]
4e012c00 smov X, V[]
9b208000 smsubl X, W, W, X
9b400000 smulh X, X, X
9b5f0000 smulh X, X
0e20c000 smull V, V, V
0f40a000 smull V, V, V[]
9b207c00 smull X, W, W
9b3f7c00 smull X, W
4e20c000 smull2 V, V, V
4f40a000 smull2 V, V, V[]
0e207800 sqabs V, V
5e207800 sqabs B, B
5e607800 sqabs H, H
5ea07800 sqabs S, S
5ee07800 sqabs D, D
0e200c00 sqadd V, V, V
5e200c00 sqadd B, B, B
5e600c00 sqadd H, H, H
5ea00c00 sqadd S, S, S
5ee00c00 sqadd D, D, D
0e609000 sqdmlal V, V, V
0f403000 sqdmlal V, V, V[]
5e609000 sqdmlal S, H, H
5ea09000 sqdmlal D, S, S
5f403000 sqdmlal S, H, V[]
5f803000 sqdmlal D, S, V[]
4e609000 sqdmlal2 V, V, V
4f403000 sqdmlal2 V, V, V[]
0e60b000 sqdmlsl V, V, V
0f407000 sqdmlsl V, V, V[]
5e60b000 sqdmlsl S, H, H
5ea0b000 sqdmlsl D, S, S
5f407000 sqdmlsl S, H, V[]
5f807000 sqdmlsl D, S, V[]
4e60b000 sqdmlsl2 V, V, V
4f407000 sqdmlsl2 V, V, V[]
0e60b400 sqdmulh V, V, V
0f40c000 sqdmulh V, V, V[]
5e60b400 sqdmulh H, H, H
5ea0b400 sqdmulh S, S, S
5f40c000 sqdmulh H, H, V[]
5f80c000 sqdmulh S, S, V[]
0e60d000 sqdmull V, V, V
0f40b000 sqdmull V, V, V[]
5e60d000 sqdmull S, H, H
5ea0d000 sqdmull D, S, S
5f40b000 sqdmull S, H, V[]
5f80b000 sqdmull D, S, V[]
4e60d000 sqdmull2 V, V, V
4f40b000 sqdmull2 V, V, V[]
2e207800 sqneg V, V
7e207800 sqneg B, B
7e607800 sqneg H, H
7ea07800 sqneg S, S
7ee07800 sqneg D, D
0f40d000 sqrdmulh V, V, V[]
2e60b400 sqrdmulh V, V, V
5f40d000 sqrdmulh H, H, V[]
5f80d000 sqrdmulh S, S, V[]
7e60b400 sqrdmulh H, H, H
7ea0b400 sqrdmulh S, S, S
0e205c00 sqrshl V, V, V
5e205c00 sqrshl B, B, B
5e605c00 sqrshl H, H, H
5ea05c00 sqrshl S, S, S
5ee05c00 sqrshl D, D, D
0f089c00 sqrshrn V, V, #
5f089c00 sqrshrn B, H, #
5f109c00 sqrshrn H, S, #
5f209c00 sqrshrn S, D, #
4f089c00 sqrshrn2 V, V, #
2f088c00 sqrshrun V, V, #
7f088c00 sqrshrun B, H, #
7f108c00 sqrshrun H, S, #
7f208c00 sqrshrun S, D, #
6f088c00 sqrshrun2 V, V, #
0e204c00 sqshl V, V, V
0f087400 sqshl V, V, #
5e204c00 sqshl B, B, B
5e604c00 sqshl H, H, H
5ea04c00 sqshl S, S, S
5ee04c00 sqshl D, D, D
5f087400 sqshl B, B, #
5f107400 sqshl H, H, #
5f207400 sqshl S, S, #
5f407400 sqshl D, D, #
2f086400 sqshlu V, V, #
7f086400 sqshlu B, B, #
7f106400 sqshlu H, H, #
7f206400 sqshlu S, S, #
7f406400 sqshlu D, D, #
0f089400 sqshrn V, V, #
5f089400 sqshrn B, H, #
5f109400 sqshrn H, S, #
5f209400 sqshrn S, D, #
4f089400 sqshrn2 V, V, #
2f088400 sqshrun V, V, #
7f088400 sqshrun B, H, #
7f108400 sqshrun H, S, #
7f208400 sqshrun S, D, #
6f088400 sqshrun2 V, V, #
0e202c00 sqsub V, V, V
5e202c00 sqsub B, B, B
5e602c00 sqsub H, H, H
5ea02c00 sqsub S, S, S
5ee02c00 sqsub D, D, D
0e214800 sqxtn V, V
5e214800 sqxtn B, H
5e614800 sqxtn H, S
5ea14800 sqxtn S, D
4e214800 sqxtn2 V, V
2e212800 sqxtun V, V
7e212800 sqxtun B, H
7e612800 sqxtun H, S
7ea12800 sqxtun S, D
6e212800 sqxtun2 V, V
0e201400 srhadd V, V, V
2f084400 sri V, V, #
7f404400 sri D, D, #
0e205400 srshl V, V, V
5ee05400 srshl D, D, D
0f082400 srshr V, V, #
5f402400 srshr D, D, #
0f083400 srsra V, V, #
5f403400 srsra D, D, #
0e204400 sshl V, V, V
5ee04400 sshl D, D, D
0f08a400 sshll V, V, #
4f08a400 sshll2 V, V, #
0f080400 sshr V, V, #
5f400400 sshr D, D, #
0f081400 ssra V, V, #
5f401400 ssra D, D, #
0e202000 ssubl V, V, V
4e202000 ssubl2 V, V, V
0e203000 ssubw V, V, V
4e203000 ssubw2 V, V, V
0c002000 st1 {V-V}, [X]
0c007000 st1 {V}, [X]
0c00a000 st1 {V, V}, [X]
0c802000 st1 {V-V}, [X], X
0c807000 st1 {V}, [X], X
0c80a000 st1 {V, V}, [X], X
0c9f2000 st1 {V-V}, [X], #
0c9f7000 st1 {V}, [X], #
0c9fa000 st1 {V, V}, [X], #
0d000000 st1 {V}[], [X]
0d800000 st1 {V}[], [X], X
0d9f0000 st1 {V}[], [X], #
0c008000 st2 {V, V}, [X]
0c808000 st2 {V, V}, [X], X
0c9f8000 st2 {V, V}, [X], #
0d200000 st2 {V, V}[], [X]
0da00000 st2 {V, V}[], [X], X
0dbf0000 st2 {V, V}[], [X], #
0c004000 st3 {V-V}, [X]
0c804000 st3 {V-V}, [X], X
0c9f4000 st3 {V-V}, [X], #
0d002000 st3 {V-V}[], [X]
0d802000 st3 {V-V}[], [X], X
0d9f2000 st3 {V-V}[], [X], #
0c000000 st4 {V-V}, [X]
0c800000 st4 {V-V}, [X], X
0c9f0000 st4 {V-V}, [X], #
0d202000 st4 {V-V}[], [X]
0da02000 st4 {V-V}[], [X], X
0dbf2000 st4 {V-V}[], [X], #
88808000 stlr W, [X]
c8808000 stlr X, [X]
08808000 stlrb W, [X]
48808000 stlrh W, [X]
88208000 stlxp W, W, W, [X]
c8208000 stlxp W, X, X, [X]
88008000 stlxr W, W, [X]
c8008000 stlxr W, X, [X]
08008000 stlxrb W, W, [X]
48008000 stlxrh W, W, [X]
28000000 stnp W, W, [X]
28008000 stnp W, W, [X,#]
2c000000 stnp S, S, [X]
2c008000 stnp S, S, [X,#]
6c000000 stnp D, D, [X]
6c008000 stnp D, D, [X,#]
a8000000 stnp X, X, [X]
a8008000 stnp X, X, [X,#]
ac000000 stnp Q, Q, [X]
ac008000 stnp Q, Q, [X,#]
28800000 stp W, W, [X],#
29000000 stp W, W, [X]
29008000 stp W, W, [X,#]
29800000 stp W, W, [X,#]!
2c800000 stp S, S, [X],#
2d000000 stp S, S, [X]
2d008000 stp S, S, [X,#]
2d800000 stp S, S, [X,#]!
6c800000 stp D, D, [X],#
6d000000 stp D, D, [X]
6d008000 stp D, D, [X,#]
6d800000 stp D, D, [X,#]!
a8800000 stp X, X, [X],#
a9000000 stp X, X, [X]
a9008000 stp X, X, [X,#]
a9800000 stp X, X, [X,#]!
ac800000 stp Q, Q, [X],#
ad000000 stp Q, Q, [X]
ad008000 stp Q, Q, [X,#]
ad800000 stp Q, Q, [X,#]!
3c000400 str B, [X],#
3c000c00 str B, [X,#]!
3c100000 str B, [X,#]
3c204800 str B, [X,W,uxtw]
3c206800 str B, [X,X]
3c207800 str B, [X,X,lsl]
3c20c800 str B, [X,W,sxtw]
3c20e800 str B, [X,X,sxtx]
3c800400 str Q, [X],#
3c800c00 str Q, [X,#]!
3c801000 str Q, [X,#]
3ca04800 str Q, [X,W,uxtw]
3ca06800 str Q, [X,X]
3ca07800 str Q, [X,X,lsl]
3ca0c800 str Q, [X,W,sxtw]
3ca0e800 str Q, [X,X,sxtx]
3d000000 str B, [X]
3d800000 str Q, [X]
7c000400 str H, [X],#
7c000c00 str H, [X,#]!
7c001000 str H, [X,#]
7c204800 str H, [X,W,uxtw]
7c206800 str H, [X,X]
7c207800 str H, [X,X,lsl]
7c20c800 str H, [X,W,sxtw]
7c20e800 str H, [X,X,sxtx]
7d000000 str H, [X]
b8000400 str W, [X],#
b8000c00 str W, [X,#]!
b8001000 str W, [X,#]
b8204800 str W, [X,W,uxtw]
b8206800 str W, [X,X]
b8207800 str W, [X,X,lsl]
b820c800 str W, [X,W,sxtw]
b820e800 str W, [X,X,sxtx]
b9000000 str W, [X]
bc000400 str S, [X],#
bc000c00 str S, [X,#]!
bc001000 str S, [X,#]
bc204800 str S, [X,W,uxtw]
bc206800 str S, [X,X]
bc207800 str S, [X,X,lsl]
bc20c800 str S, [X,W,sxtw]
bc20e800 str S, [X,X,sxtx]
bd000000 str S, [X]
f8000400 str X, [X],#
f8000c00 str X, [X,#]!
f8001000 str X, [X,#]
f8204800 str X, [X,W,uxtw]
f8206800 str X, [X,X]
f8207800 str X, [X,X,lsl]
f820c800 str X, [X,W,sxtw]
f820e800 str X, [X,X,sxtx]
f9000000 str X, [X]
fc000400 str D, [X],#
fc000c00 str D, [X,#]!
fc001000 str D, [X,#]
fc204800 str D, [X,W,uxtw]
fc206800 str D, [X,X]
fc207800 str D, [X,X,lsl]
fc20c800 str D, [X,W,sxtw]
fc20e800 str D, [X,X,sxtx]
fd000000 str D, [X]
38000400 strb W, [X],#
38000c00 strb W, [X,#]!
38100000 strb W, [X,#]
38204800 strb W, [X,W,uxtw]
38206800 strb W, [X,X]
38207800 strb W, [X,X,lsl]
3820c800 strb W, [X,W,sxtw]
3820e800 strb W, [X,X,sxtx]
39000000 strb W, [X]
78000400 strh W, [X],#
78000c00 strh W, [X,#]!
78001000 strh W, [X,#]
78204800 strh W, [X,W,uxtw]
78206800 strh W, [X,X]
78207800 strh W, [X,X,lsl]
7820c800 strh W, [X,W,sxtw]
7820e800 strh W, [X,X,sxtx]
79000000 strh W, [X]
b8000800 sttr W, [X]
b8001800 sttr W, [X,#]
f8000800 sttr X, [X]
f8001800 sttr X, [X,#]
38000800 sttrb W, [X]
38001800 sttrb W, [X,#]
78000800 sttrh W, [X]
78001800 sttrh W, [X,#]
3c000000 stur B, [X]
3c001000 stur B, [X,#]
3c800000 stur Q, [X]
3c810000 stur Q, [X,#]
7c000000 stur H, [X]
7c002000 stur H, [X,#]
b8000000 stur W, [X]
b8004000 stur W, [X,#]
bc000000 stur S, [X]
bc004000 stur S, [X,#]
f8000000 stur X, [X]
f8008000 stur X, [X,#]
fc000000 stur D, [X]
fc008000 stur D, [X,#]
38000000 sturb W, [X]
38001000 sturb W, [X,#]
78000000 sturh W, [X]
78002000 sturh W, [X,#]
88200000 stxp W, W, W, [X]
c8200000 stxp W, X, X, [X]
88000000 stxr W, W, [X]
c8000000 stxr W, X, [X]
08000000 stxrb W, W, [X]
48000000 stxrh W, W, [X]
2e208400 sub V, V, V
4b000000 sub W, W, W
4b1f0000 sub W, W
51000000 sub W, W, #0x
7ee08400 sub D, D, D
cb000000 sub X, X, X
cb1f0000 sub X, X
cb200000 sub X, X, W
d1000000 sub X, X, #0x
0e206000 subhn V, V, V
4e206000 subhn2 V, V, V
6b000000 subs W, W, W
6b1f0000 subs W, W
71000000 subs W, W, #0x
eb000000 subs X, X, X
eb1f0000 subs X, X
eb200000 subs X, X, W
f1000000 subs X, X, #0x
0e203800 suqadd V, V
5e203800 suqadd B, B
5e603800 suqadd H, H
5ea03800 suqadd S, S
5ee03800 suqadd D, D
13001c00 sxtb W, W
93401c00 sxtb X, W
13003c00 sxth W, W
93403c00 sxth X, W
93407c00 sxtw X, W
d5080000 sys #, C, C, #, X
d5280000 sysl X, #, C, C, #
0e000000 tbl V, {V}, V
0e002000 tbl V, {V, V}, V
0e004000 tbl V, {V-V}, V
37000000 tbnz W, #, 0x
b7000000 tbnz X, #, 0x
0e001000 tbx V, {V}, V
0e003000 tbx V, {V, V}, V
0e005000 tbx V, {V-V}, V
36000000 tbz W, #, 0x
b6000000 tbz X, #, 0x
d5088300 tlbi vmalle1is
d5088700 tlbi vmalle1
d50c8300 tlbi alle2is
d50c8700 tlbi alle2
d50e8300 tlbi alle3is
d50e8700 tlbi alle3
0e002800 trn1 V, V, V
0e006800 trn2 V, V, V
2e207c00 uaba V, V, V
2e205000 uabal V, V, V
6e205000 uabal2 V, V, V
2e207400 uabd V, V, V
2e207000 uabdl V, V, V
6e207000 uabdl2 V, V, V
2e206800 uadalp V, V
2e200000 uaddl V, V, V
6e200000 uaddl2 V, V, V
2e202800 uaddlp V, V
2e303800 uaddlv H, V
2e703800 uaddlv S, V
6eb03800 uaddlv D, V
2e201000 uaddw V, V, V
6e201000 uaddw2 V, V, V
53020000 ubfiz W, W, #, #
d3420000 ubfiz X, X, #, #
53000000 ubfx W, W, #, #
d3400000 ubfx X, X, #, #
1e038000 ucvtf S, W, #
1e230000 ucvtf S, W
1e438000 ucvtf D, W, #
1e630000 ucvtf D, W
2e21d800 ucvtf V, V
2f20e400 ucvtf V, V, #
7e21d800 ucvtf S, S
7e61d800 ucvtf D, D
7f20e400 ucvtf S, S, #
7f40e400 ucvtf D, D, #
9e030000 ucvtf S, X, #
9e230000 ucvtf S, X
9e430000 ucvtf D, X, #
9e630000 ucvtf D, X
1ac00800 udiv W, W, W
1adf0800 udiv W, W
9ac00800 udiv X, X, X
9adf0800 udiv X, X
2e200400 uhadd V, V, V
2e202400 uhsub V, V, V
9ba00000 umaddl X, W, W, X
2e206400 umax V, V, V
2e20a400 umaxp V, V, V
2e30a800 umaxv B, V
2e70a800 umaxv H, V
6eb0a800 umaxv S, V
2e206c00 umin V, V, V
2e20ac00 uminp V, V, V
2e31a800 uminv B, V
2e71a800 uminv H, V
6eb1a800 uminv S, V
2e208000 umlal V, V, V
2f402000 umlal V, V, V[]
6e208000 umlal2 V, V, V
6f402000 umlal2 V, V, V[]
2e20a000 umlsl V, V, V
2f406000 umlsl V, V, V[]
6e20a000 umlsl2 V, V, V
6f406000 umlsl2 V, V, V[]
9ba0fc00 umnegl X, W, W
9bbffc00 umnegl X, W
0e013c00 umov W, V[]
9ba08000 umsubl X, W, W, X
9bc00000 umulh X, X, X
9bdf0000 umulh X, X
2e20c000 umull V, V, V
2f40a000 umull V, V, V[]
9ba07c00 umull X, W, W
9bbf7c00 umull X, W
6e20c000 umull2 V, V, V
6f40a000 umull2 V, V, V[]
2e200c00 uqadd V, V, V
7e200c00 uqadd B, B, B
7e600c00 uqadd H, H, H
7ea00c00 uqadd S, S, S
7ee00c00 uqadd D, D, D
2e205c00 uqrshl V, V, V
7e205c00 uqrshl B, B, B
7e605c00 uqrshl H, H, H
7ea05c00 uqrshl S, S, S
7ee05c00 uqrshl D, D, D
2f089c00 uqrshrn V, V, #
7f089c00 uqrshrn B, H, #
7f109c00 uqrshrn H, S, #
7f209c00 uqrshrn S, D, #
6f089c00 uqrshrn2 V, V, #
2e204c00 uqshl V, V, V
2f087400 uqshl V, V, #
7e204c00 uqshl B, B, B
7e604c00 uqshl H, H, H
7ea04c00 uqshl S, S, S
7ee04c00 uqshl D, D, D
7f087400 uqshl B, B, #
7f107400 uqshl H, H, #
7f207400 uqshl S, S, #
7f407400 uqshl D, D, #
2f089400 uqshrn V, V, #
7f089400 uqshrn B, H, #
7f109400 uqshrn H, S, #
7f209400 uqshrn S, D, #
6f089400 uqshrn2 V, V, #
2e202c00 uqsub V, V, V
7e202c00 uqsub B, B, B
7e602c00 uqsub H, H, H
7ea02c00 uqsub S, S, S
7ee02c00 uqsub D, D, D
2e214800 uqxtn V, V
7e214800 uqxtn B, H
7e614800 uqxtn H, S
7ea14800 uqxtn S, D
6e214800 uqxtn2 V, V
0ea1c800 urecpe V, V
2e201400 urhadd V, V, V
2e205400 urshl V, V, V
7ee05400 urshl D, D, D
2f082400 urshr V, V, #
7f402400 urshr D, D, #
2ea1c800 ursqrte V, V
2f083400 ursra V, V, #
7f403400 ursra D, D, #
2e204400 ushl V, V, V
7ee04400 ushl D, D, D
2f08a400 ushll V, V, #
6f08a400 ushll2 V, V, #
2f080400 ushr V, V, #
7f400400 ushr D, D, #
2e203800 usqadd V, V
7e203800 usqadd B, B
7e603800 usqadd H, H
7ea03800 usqadd S, S
7ee03800 usqadd D, D
2f081400 usra V, V, #
7f401400 usra D, D, #
2e202000 usubl V, V, V
6e202000 usubl2 V, V, V
2e203000 usubw V, V, V
6e203000 usubw2 V, V, V
53001c00 uxtb W, W
53003c00 uxth W, W
0e001800 uzp1 V, V, V
0e005800 uzp2 V, V, V
0e212800 xtn V, V
4e212800 xtn2 V, V
0e003800 zip1 V, V, V
0e007800 zip2 V, V, V
perl > test.s
aarch64-elf-as -o test.o test.s
aarch64-elf-objdump -d test.o > test.txt
grep -v '\.inst' < test.txt > test2.txt
perl < test2.txt > __inst2.txt
while (<>) {
@d = split(/\t/);
if ($#d == 3 && $d[2] ne ".inst") {
($mne, $arg) = ($d[2], $d[3]);
chop($arg) while ord(substr($arg, -1)) < 32;
$arg =~ s/\b0x[0-9a-f]+/0x/g;
$arg =~ s/#-?\d+/#/g;
$arg =~ s/#\.\d+/#/g;
$arg =~ s/([a-z]) #/$1/;
$arg =~ s/, [a-z]+$//;
$arg =~ s/#x/#0x/g;
$arg =~ s/\b([wx])zr\b/\u$1/g;
$arg =~ s/\b([wxsdqbhC])\d+/\u$1/g;
$arg =~ s/\bv\d+\.\d*[a-z]/V/g;
$arg =~ s/\[\d+\]/[]/g;
$arg =~ s/\b[A-Za-z][a-z0-9]*_\w+\b/CONST/g;
$inst = "$mne\t$arg";
if (!$insts{$inst}) {
$insts{$inst} = 1;
@{$mnes{$mne}} = () if !$mnes{$mne};
push(@{$mnes{$mne}}, "$d[1]\t$mne\t$arg");
foreach $mne(sort(keys(%mnes))) {
foreach $inst(@{$mnes{$mne}}) {
print "$inst\n";
$len = 256 * 256 * 256;
for ($i = 0; $i < $len; $i++) {
printf(".word 0x%06x00\n", $i);
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