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Created May 25, 2020 09:50
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[py] SAPI client
import getopt, sys, win32com.client
options = "lo:v:r:i:ps:"
def usage():
print("[usage] %s -l | [-o] [-v] [-r] (-i | -p | -s | text)" % sys.argv[0])
print(" -l language: case insensitive, begins-with match")
print(" -o output.wav")
print(" -v voice: case insensitive, 'Microsoft' can be dropped.")
print(" -r rate: -10 (slow) ... 10 (fast)")
print(" -i input.txt")
print(" -p sym: SAPI TTS XML <pron>")
print(" -s sapi|ups|ipa ph: SSML <phoneme> (requires -v)")
_sapi = win32com.client.Dispatch("SAPI.SpVoice")
_cat = win32com.client.Dispatch("SAPI.SpObjectTokenCategory")
_cat.SetID(r"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech_OneCore\Voices", False)
def speak(voice, text):
old = _sapi.Voice
if voice: _sapi.Voice = voice
if voice: _sapi.Voice = old
def saveas(wav, f):
fs = win32com.client.Dispatch("SAPI.SpFileStream")
fs.Open(wav, 3)
old = _sapi.AudioOutputStream
_sapi.AudioOutputStream = fs
_sapi.AudioOutputStream = old
def save(voice, text, wav):
saveas(wav, lambda: speak(voice, text))
def getvoices():
return _cat.EnumerateTokens()
def getvoice(name, quit=False):
if name: name = name.lower()
def check(t):
n = t.GetAttribute("Name").lower()
return n == name or n == "microsoft " + name
voices = [t for t in getvoices() if check(t)]
if voices: return voices[0]
if quit:
print("voice not found:", name)
return None
def showvoices(voices, quit=False):
langs = [l.lower() for l in voices]
def f(v):
c = getlocale(v)
n = v.GetAttribute("Name")
d = v.GetDescription().split(" - ")
return (c, n) if len(d) < 2 else (c + ", " + d[1], n)
voices = [
(l, d)
for l, d in map(f, getvoices())
if not langs or [la for la in langs if l.lower().startswith(la)]]
for l, n in sorted(voices): print(l + ":", n)
if quit: exit(0)
def setrate(rate, quit=False):
if rate < -10 or rate > 10:
print("rate is out of range: %d" % rate)
if quit: exit(1)
_sapi.Rate = rate
def getlocale(voice):
ret ="\\")[-1].split("_")[2]
return ret if ret[2] == "-" else ret[:2] + "-" + ret[2:]
def pron(*texts, sep=""):
return "".join(['<pron sym="%s"/>%s' % (text, sep) for text in texts])
def ssml(lang, alph, *texts, sep=""):
ret = '<speak version="1.0" xml:lang="%s">\n' % lang
for text in texts:
ret += '<phoneme alphabet="%s" ph="%s"/>%s\n' % (alph, text, sep)
ret += '</speak>'
return ret
if __name__ == "__main__":
voice = None
output = None
mkxml = lambda texts: " ".join(texts)
text = None
alph = None
prefix = suffix = ""
opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], options)
except getopt.GetoptError as e:
for opt, optarg in opts:
if opt == "-l": showvoices(args, quit=True)
elif opt == "-o": output = optarg
elif opt == "-v": voice = getvoice(optarg, quit=True)
elif opt == "-r": setrate(int(optarg), quit=True)
elif opt == "-i":
with open(optarg, encoding="utf-8") as f:
text =
elif opt == "-p": mkxml = lambda texts: pron(*texts)
elif opt == "-s":
if not optarg in ["sapi", "ups", "ipa"]:
print("option -s is invalid")
alph = optarg
if alph:
if not voice:
print("option -s requires -v")
mkxml = lambda texts: ssml(getlocale(voice), alph, *texts)
if not text: text = mkxml(args)
if not text: usage()
if output:
save(voice, text, output)
speak(voice, text)
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7shi commented May 25, 2020


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