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swalkinshaw /
Last active November 13, 2023 08:40
Designing a GraphQL API
yossorion /
Last active April 7, 2024 22:55
What I Wish I'd Known About Equity Before Joining A Unicorn

What I Wish I'd Known About Equity Before Joining A Unicorn

Disclaimer: This piece is written anonymously. The names of a few particular companies are mentioned, but as common examples only.

This is a short write-up on things that I wish I'd known and considered before joining a private company (aka startup, aka unicorn in some cases). I'm not trying to make the case that you should never join a private company, but the power imbalance between founder and employee is extreme, and that potential candidates would

This document has moved!

It's now here, in The Programmer's Compendium. The content is the same as before, but being part of the compendium means that it's actively maintained.

teropa / life.cljs
Created November 3, 2015 09:57
Conway's Life in ClojureScript
;; Credits:
;; * ClojureScript
;; * Reagent
;; * Figwheel
;; * core.async
;; * Christophe Grand's Life implementation
(ns life.core
(:require [reagent.core :as r]
50kudos /
Last active November 3, 2019 02:03
A Bash script that lists all unused css classes in html/haml/erb files for rails project (or maybe others depending on project structure)
cat $(find app/assets/stylesheets/ -type f) |
grep -Eo '\.[a-z]+[a-z0-9_-]*' | sort | uniq | sed s/.// |
while read CSS; do
if ! grep -Erqi "([^(remove|has)]?class[(:|=|[:space:]*=>[:space:]*)]*[[:space:]\W]*[(\"|')]*[-a-z0-9[:space:]]*$CSS|\\.$CSS\b)" app/views/ vendor/assets/ app/assets/javascripts/; then
echo $CSS >> unused.scss;
chantastic / on-jsx.markdown
Last active March 20, 2024 01:03
JSX, a year in

Hi Nicholas,

I saw you tweet about JSX yesterday. It seemed like the discussion devolved pretty quickly but I wanted to share our experience over the last year. I understand your concerns. I've made similar remarks about JSX. When we started using it Planning Center, I led the charge to write React without it. I don't imagine I'd have much to say that you haven't considered but, if it's helpful, here's a pattern that changed my opinion:

The idea that "React is the V in MVC" is disingenuous. It's a good pitch but, for many of us, it feels like in invitation to repeat our history of coupled views. In practice, React is the V and the C. Dan Abramov describes the division as Smart and Dumb Components. At our office, we call them stateless and container components (view-controllers if we're Flux). The idea is pretty simple: components can't

Following is a translation of a post by Kenta Cho (@abagames) about what he learned making 50 minigames in 2014. The original post is here:

This translation is by Paul McCann (@polm23); please feel free to contact me with any comments or corrections.

The Secret to Creating Fun Games I Learned By Making 50 Games in a Year

... is that there isn't one.

sogko / app.js
Last active November 8, 2022 12:31
gulp + expressjs + nodemon + browser-sync
'use strict';
// simple express server
var express = require('express');
var app = express();
var router = express.Router();
app.get('/', function(req, res) {
staltz /
Last active May 27, 2024 03:11
The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing
branneman /
Last active April 27, 2024 04:16
Better local require() paths for Node.js

Better local require() paths for Node.js


When the directory structure of your Node.js application (not library!) has some depth, you end up with a lot of annoying relative paths in your require calls like:

const Article = require('../../../../app/models/article');

Those suck for maintenance and they're ugly.

Possible solutions