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Created February 11, 2022 09:32
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Please keep the questions Jakarta EE-stic. Means: as short and as concise as only possible. Feel free to ask several, shorter questions. Upcoming events are also going to be announced at

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Hi Adam,

Is there a way to integrate log4j2 with wildfly?

Can I use only log4j2 as logging infrastructure or under the hood it will delegate to application server logging and log4j will be used only as facade/api?

I know that the logging subsystem can be disabled.

  • What disable means when logging only to stdout?
  • log4j2 will still be able to log to stdout if logging subsystem is disabled?
  • Where is the correct location for jboss-deployment-structure.xml file ?


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thehpi commented Mar 7, 2022

I need an interceptor to intercept method calls but also use the parameter values to programmatically do metrics (because microprofile metrics cannot (yet) do dynamic tags).

But I don't want to use reflection to everytime find out what parameters there are on a method, and also parameter names are not available by default, and doing positional parameter assumptions is terrible.

Is it possible to create an annotation processor that programmatically creates na interceptor (or decorator?) which then is injected where I use it? The annotation processor then should scan for my (new) annotations used on parameters so I have knowledge about all parameters in my interceptor/decorator.

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altuga commented Mar 7, 2022

What do think about anemic domain model?

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