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Last active March 6, 2023 18:53
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Hi, Adam!

If we look at the Response class(, we will see that it implements the AutoCloseable interface, do we need to explicitly close the responses or use try-with-resources, I have never seen anyone do this, can there be a resource leak here?


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dwamara commented Mar 2, 2023

Hi Adam,

long time no writing from me, just too busy but always watching the sessions on YouTube after they air.
A quick question: is there an elegant way to find the name of the method one is in?
At the moment I do this
var action = (this.getClass().getSimpleName() + "." + getInstance().walk(frames -> frames.findFirst().map(StackFrame::getMethodName)).get());
but I definitely don't find it elegant and code must be performant and elegant.

Thanks again,

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dabkhazi commented Mar 6, 2023

Hello! You use the Quarkus framework a lot, it's a fast growing framework with very frequent updates. Do you often return to old projects to upgrade the version of the framework in them?

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losch commented Mar 6, 2023

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the show!
I recently deployed a small Quarkus application to AWS Lambda as a monolith function and so far it has been working great and it's easy to maintain. Also it's nice that we can switch to Fargate easily if we ever need to. Do you have any experience on how big the monolith functions can be? Is there any limit in practise?

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dempile commented Mar 6, 2023

Hi Adam,
How could you protect your war from being decompiled ?

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