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Created February 9, 2017 08:54
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vasilaio commented Mar 5, 2017

Hi Adam,
I have 3 questions:

  1. How we deal with field validation in JavaFX + FXML?
  2. Can you show an example how we test JAX-RS application with Arquillian on different servers by using as a maven dependencies the javaee-api. In my case, with tomee I get java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.el.ExpressionFactoryImpl. It works only if I use java-ee api from org.apache.tomee.
  3. When we need to Override getClasses/getSingletons of the class?

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yacota commented Mar 5, 2017

Hi Adam,
I heard you saying that Keycloak is getting more and more popular. When securing applications/services there are different integration strategies, some of them can be found here
Which of them have you used ? (advantages / disadvantages)

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Hi Adam,
I have started learning JEE. Your videos and books have been extremely helpful.
I have independent services which needs orchestration. Which framework can I use to do service orchestration in JEE ? Can this service orchestration be a singleton across clusters ?

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vasilaio commented Mar 6, 2017

Hi Adam,

Thank you for reply, but in second question, about Arquillian, I mean JAX-RS (or JEE) application and not Bean validation.

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chamisf commented Apr 7, 2017

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