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kastl commented Oct 13, 2017

In the Java EE heavyweight or lightweight Mythbusters talk you compared several Java EE app servers. But you didn't include a Spring-based app. Would you be able to show how Spring compares to Java EE regarding lightweight or heavyweight?

hugoworks commented Oct 14, 2017

Hi Adam,

I'm was watching "WebStandards Igniter" and i wold like know what i use for to do a progress bar in html5? SSE, Websockets or Long Poling. What about server, i just use a simple servlet or websocket? I usually see samples using or Atmosphere.js because supports WebSockets and fallback transports transparently.

Hello Adam,

Do you have any idea why JAXB has been deprecated with Java 9? I know no one loves XML anymore, but I'm sure there are thousands of apps out there (including mine) that parse XML using just JAXB, without having to use external libraries. So, what do you suggest for the migration? --add-modules=java.xml.bind is not an option sadly, since it will break anyway in the future.

Thank you!

Hi Adam,

In your opinion, what is more faster, innerHTML/innerText, document.createElement(), document.cloneNode() or Virtual DOM ? I think Virtual DOM is more fast, but i really need build my own implementation (like or use a vender library.

Thank you!

Hi Adam,

  1. What are the RI Servers or similar for Eclipse MicroProfile? (Some kind of Glassfish, Payara, WildFly, so far I really was not able to find something, all the examples of Eclipse MicroProfile as dependency have the javax.javaee-api, instead of org.eclipse.microprofile)

  2. What will be the issue if the EE4J starts immediately with the package name* or similar instead of javax.javaee-api ?

  3. What will be the impact of the new release scheme of Java for the EE4J or Spring?


deratzmann commented Oct 21, 2017

Hi Adam. Nice to see you :)
Do you have any Experience with ejb Timer synchronisation via Hazelcast in payara (especially in docker networks)? if Yes, Do you have any hints for Hazelcast Setup with multiple payara full in docker containers and is there a easy Way to test it?

In order to generate reports, i use several sql and processing in my java code.

One solution is to prepare the data in views and i use the report to generate data from it.

is the use of views a good thing in this case ?

The implementation that i want to do is with JPA, but according to my knowledge it is necessary to use a native query, is there another alternative ?

Hi Adam,
I need to start a new demo project which should use Redis in combination with JAX-RS. This application should load some basic date from a database, make some computation based on rest input param and save the result in Redis for later requests.
Can you help me to understand what should be the "correct architecture" of such application and if it is viable to have this combination? Maybe replacing Redis with similar in-memory data store will be better idea.
Thank you.

hkastler commented Nov 3, 2017

Hi Adam--

I've been working on a port of the Java Roller Blog code to Java EE. Is it beyond scope of the show to do a critique?

I tried to keep the naming and pathing as close to the original code base as possible. The current codebase should work with a current copy of the roller db, with some modifications. It's far from complete, but working.

So far, the codebase works only on Wildfly/Hibernate. I have added a realm to handle security, which doesn't seem to be very portable, and the current implementation does not work with eclipselink. Can this be implemented some other way? The classes in question are in and the realm is defined in .

(I had to use "entities" as a package name because NetBeans for Windows didn't like the word "entity" as a name.)

Thanks for doing the show and sharing what you know!


omega09 commented Nov 5, 2017

Hi Adam,

I have a design question. I'm linking a small example project with skeleton classes because I think it's easier than describing with words. I hope it's legal.

My initial idea was to have an entity as a global variable in the request scope which various stateless beans can manipulate like an assembly line, but there are


  • Accessing the stateful bean from different stateless beans for some reason causes weird errors related to CDI.
  • I'm not sure the design even scales properly (utilizing the stateless bean pool).
  • As mentioned in an inline comment, doesn't work with asynch JAX-RS.

It can be solved if I pass the entity to every method call but it is cumbersome, which is why I wanted to have it available globally.
Can you suggest a proper design please?


vanuatoo commented Nov 6, 2017

  1. Do you still recommend boundary/control pattern for JAX-RS applications?
  2. What is the best practice to store conversational state in JAX-RS/Stateless Session Bean applications which is Scalable?

mhoennig commented Nov 6, 2017

Hi Adam,

How do you, as a Java and JavaEE advocate, feel about the fact that there is no official or at least inofficial enterprise ready Java solution for the browser anymore? I am not talking about server-side rendered HTML but a technology which makes it possible to build offline first progressive web apps or even hybrid apps for all major mobile platforms.


amihaiemil commented Nov 6, 2017

Is there any endpoint in Glassfish (out of the box), to "deploy" static files under docroot folder?

I have some static resources, which Glassfish serves from the docroot folder. I would like to update these resources automatically, by POSTing them to some endpoint, without having to deploy a JAX-RS app which exposes such an endpoint.

dinolupo commented Nov 6, 2017

Hi Adam,
talking about microservices, what about pro topics like security, load-balancing, high availability, service discovery and so forth? Are those topics covered by some of your online courses or what are the e-learning/book sources that you suggest to cover those Enterprise topics? Just as an example, what are the Pros and Cons between using things like Payara-Micro (auto discovery of other instances in the same network) or other approaches like thin wars in a full container? In a DevOps optics, the programmer should know how to configure those aspects and how to monitor, debug distributed software with ease. Thanks a lot for your time.

Dino Lupo
Software Architect at Atos (looking forward to become a programmer of course...)

mistrz7 commented Nov 6, 2017

I use jbatch in few projects on jbosseap (jberet). Batches are scheduled on ejb beans using @schedule annotation. But for dev reason I fire batches using rest->ejb->jbatch. My problem is, that sometimes ejb fire batch on my dev enviroment when project is deployed, but that is not desirable situation. How to prevent it? What is prefered model of work to prevent fire @schedule on dev enviroment?

Best Regards

taysay commented Nov 6, 2017

Dear Adam,

Is it advisable using a NoSQL backend for a realtime solution like payments, if yes which vendor do you advice?

dempile commented Nov 6, 2017

Hi Adam, did you ever tryed Beanshell and how do you compare it to a Groovy, Scala, or newly Kotlin ?
Do you still use JSF often in your projects or you're starting to migrate to Javascript based framework like React , all with Jax-RS ?
Whats the best solution to create reports instead of JasperReport ?

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