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Please keep the questions Java EE-stic. Means: as short and as concise as only possible. Feel free to ask several, shorter questions.


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nickho commented Jan 17, 2019

Hello Adam !
How do you usually retrieve logged-in user extra informations (like full name, email, phone number, ...) in a typical JavaEE application ? I think the specs are dry on this aspect, and i really like to avoid extra libraries.

Love the show.



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piwer commented Jan 18, 2019

Hey :)

So my question is about JAX-RS application.
I'm preparing an SPA application with JAVA EE 8 that communicates with Postgres.
Currently i'm stuck on ConstraintValidationException. I have made @Provider that implements ExceptionMapper and wanted to return 400 Bad Request instead of 500. The thing is that i wrap INSERT with transaction and then after constraint failing, i get RollbackException instead. This is too generic for me. What i wanted to do is to pass field(s) that caused the constraint validation exception to frontend.
What should be a good approach here?



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alia6000 commented Jan 27, 2019

Hi Adam,

What is the point/difference when you make a jax-rs resource @stateless?
Can you show us any good tutorial or book about jax-rs best practicises?


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jeffTe commented Jan 27, 2019


  1. In what kind of projects shall you use microservices architecture.
  2. How to choose between app servers for a project? (glassfish, payara, wildfly, tomee etc...)?

Thank you


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CorentinCaron commented Jan 27, 2019

Hey Adam

How to start learning microservices with java ee, then learn docker (maybe tell how did you learn it: from docs. tutorial, book)?
Difference between docker and openshift
Where can I host java ee?



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tnsasse commented Jan 30, 2019

Hi Adam,

ever tried to apply the BCE pattern for (larger) HTML5 applications? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Best wishes,


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paulwagner3 commented Jan 30, 2019

Hi Adam,

1: How can you handle DB relationships in microservices if you have database per service?
EmployeService and DepartmentService, each one of them with their database

2: Is JPA used, good to use in microservices?

Thanks a lot


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dempile commented Feb 1, 2019

Hey Adam ,I work in a small company that work with Java EE and wants to buy your online workshops for the developers, but we have a problem with credit card, I want to know if you accept bank transfer ? thanks


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mehaouihoussem commented Feb 1, 2019

Hi Adam

We have an old spring project using JSF and Dozer mapper , this project is destinated to large public of users ,
so we have performance issue even with an architecture of clusters.

my team thinks that JSF is one of the reasons to this lack of performance and they suggest to replace it with Angular. we are constrained by deadlines and we havn't a good experience with angular.

  • Is there a good performance benfit of using an SPA framwork like angular over JSF .?
  • Is it a good idea to use JSF with spring and could that has an effect on performance ?
  • In which case we use dozer because from my point of view it's not neccerary to use it ecpecially with JSF and with new
    JPA features ?


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