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Last active Jul 1, 2022
Demo of logarithmic size ring signature algorithm (Groth and Kohlweiss '14)
#!/usr/bin/env python
help = """
A demonstration of the algorithm of:
Groth and Kohlweiss 2014 "How to leak a secret and spend a coin."
This uses the Joinmarket bitcoin backend, mostly just for its encapsulation
of the package python-bitcointx (`pip install bitcointx` or github:
AdamISZ /
Last active Jul 1, 2022
Lightweight anti-Sybil with anonymity in Bitcoin


Due to unexpected failures of github's LaTeX parsing (which were not evident until I published this, but have persisted afterwards), and since the mathematical parts are important in this, I have migrated this proposal to a blog post with identical content, but correctly formatted equations.

Please continue to put any comments here.

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Last active May 24, 2022
Forgery with a fake key in MuSig2

As per footnote 2 in the draft BIP here, it is possible in MuSig2 to create a partial signature which verifies correctly to the other participants, even though the adversary does not know the secret key corresponding to the given public key, but only by the adversary taking the role of at least one other participant, and in that case it is not possible to create a partial signature for that other public key, even if the corresponding private key is known.

The purpose of this gist is to work through the mathematical details of the above statement, as it isn't, probably, obvious to most readers (although it may be at least somewhat intuitive - think about 'free variables').

Setup: keyset $L = X_1 , X_2 , X_3 , X_4 , X_5$. The adversary will take the roles of indices 4 and 5, and will forge a partial signature on key $X_4$, not knowing the corresponding secret $x_4$, on a given message $m$. Assume the adversary does kn

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Created Apr 26, 2022
Square root scaling for polynomial commitments
#!usr/bin/env python
""" Implementation example of
Bootle et al. Section 3, polynomial evaluation protocol which scales
in the square root of the degree.
*Not* zero knowledge form.
import jmbitcoin as btc
import struct



Before we begin: this post describes a very limited protocol idea. It's possible that what we describe here is a start towards, or a component of, something genuinely useful, but in itself it's really more of a toy, albeit it's fun.

Non-interactive digital cash

Since the 90s, there was a dream that cash could be sent online just like email. We've basically been experimenting with tradeoffs against this pure vision ever since. Sometimes the tradeoff is: there's a central party we have to trust (either with our privacy or our money or the management or inflation or..), but otherwise we get the goal. Often the tradeoff includes: we have to interact with the receiver. In pretty much every case there's an online-ness requirement: we have to exchange messages with a p2p network of active nodes (bitcoin) or a central server and our counterparty, or at least, directly with our counterparty (e.g. Lightning) in the payment transaction.

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Created Nov 22, 2021
Testing script path spending in taproot with python-bitcointx
import bitcointx as btc
from bitcointx.wallet import CCoinKey
from bitcointx.core import COutPoint, CTxIn, CTxOut, CMutableTransaction, CTxInWitness
from bitcointx.core.script import (CScript, OP_CHECKSIGADD, OP_CHECKSIG, OP_NUMEQUAL,
TaprootScriptTree, CScriptWitness)
from bitcointx.wallet import P2TRCoinAddress
from binascii import hexlify, unhexlify
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Last active Aug 20, 2021
Offchain Joinmarket fees with adaptors

Joinmarket fees over Lightning using encrypted signatures

Fees inside Joinmarket coinjoins are one of (arguably, the principal) "metadata" fingerprints that damage the quality of the privacy generated by such coinjoins. At minimum, they force a lot more rounds of coinjoin in order to get a meaningful anonymity set (and realistically, more complex behaviour and a lot more time). It should be noted that there is no claim that removing these fingerprints are a panacea.

But let's consider how off-chain fees could work. It's clearly possible to do it with centralized servers. The more advanced way to use servers would be a Chaumian e-cash server as described by chris-belcher here. However this short note is intended to explain that the same goal can be achieved trustlessly.

First, remember that either with Schnorr or with ECDSA, we can construct "signature adaptors" or preferably "otVES" - one-time verifiably encrypted signatures, in

AdamISZ /
Created Apr 25, 2021
MuSig2 toy implementation in Python for learning purposes
As for reading it, start with the `__main__`
section at the bottom and go from there.
Comments are, deliberately, voluminous.
If you want to run the example, just:
(a) install Joinmarket (else see the notes on import)
AdamISZ /
Created Feb 1, 2021
Concise instructions on setting up Joinmarket for testing on signet

Concise instructions on setting up Joinmarket for testing on signet

  • Install Bitcoin Core v0.21.0+ from
  • Edit the bitcoin.conf file (create a new version/back up normal conf file), and put a [signet] section, in which your rpc wallet file is set using a line wallet=..
  • Start bitcoind: ./bitcoind -signet
  • To check when it's synced you can tail -f ~/.bitcoin/signet/debug.log to watch the sync happen. It should be fast; only took perhaps a couple of minutes for me, even though I have a slow internet connection.
  • Once synced configure Joinmarket. As with bitcoind, create a new config file to use by copying an existing mainnet or testnet config file joinmarket.cfg. Settings:
    • rpc_port = 38332
    • network = signet
AdamISZ /
Created Jan 14, 2021
Script to recover pre-segwit Joinmarket wallet keys from the seedphrase only without Bitcoin Core
import os
from optparse import OptionParser
from jmbase import jmprint
from jmclient import load_program_config, LegacyWallet, VolatileStorage, get_network
def get_parser():
description = (
'Use this script to extract keys and addresses from pre-segwit '
'Joinmarket wallets if you do not have access to Bitcoin Core. Specify '