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Created Dec 12, 2017
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Summary: Krita PPA and Snap is not reliable, use AppImage instead.
* Now talking on #krita
* Topic for #krita is: repo: Unstable branch: master. Stable branch: krita/3.3 | Current stable release: 3.3.2 | Please wait around after asking a question | off-topic chat: ##krita-chat | This is not a company support channel, it's a chat channel for developers and users of Krita
* Topic for #krita set by boud! at Fri Nov 3 16:08:25 2017
<SaberArthur> hello, my xorg crash when I use krita, it never happened before, how to fix this?
<SaberArthur> is there any log I should attach?
<SaberArthur> Xorg.0.log
<SaberArthur> dunno if this is relevant but here is syslog
<boud> SaberArthur: which version of Krita is that?
<SaberArthur> 3.3.1
<@boud> appimage, krita lime ppa or snap?
<SaberArthur> snap
<@boud> hm
<@boud> I see this line:
<@boud> Dec 12 20:22:19 affan kernel: [12330.045397] krita[21021]: segfault at 18 ip 00007f28929e2730 sp 00007ffc690e7b18 error 4 in[7f28929d4000+21000]
<@boud> probably something else has broken in ubuntu's snap support :-(
<@boud> best use an appimage -- I really have to kill the snap, I cannot manage to maintain it, and I get more an more reports about problems.
<SaberArthur> that's sad :/ so it is really the snap fault?
<@boud> yes -- I guess I should update the recipe that creates the snap one way or another, but i haven't got the knowledge
<@boud> the recipe was contributed by one of the people who were working on snap, but have been reassigned
<@boud> I guess ubuntu doesn't believe in snap a lot anymore, after dropping their focus on mobile and the desktop
<SaberArthur> that's sad. I really love snap
<SaberArthur> so how about the ppa? why appimage is better?
<@boud> unless I find someone to maintain the recipe, it's not going to improve :-(
<SaberArthur> :((
<@boud> I think that the ppa isn't available for 16.04, but I might be wrong
<Wolthera_laptop> it isn't
<Wolthera_laptop> due either vc or qt.
<SaberArthur> so my best solution is appimage then?
<@boud> yes
<SaberArthur> allright, thank you :)
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