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AffanIndo / .Xdefaults
Created Dec 22, 2019
u/schorsch3000 urxvt Configuration
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urxvt.transparent: false
urxvt.shading: 15
URxvt.cursorBlink: 1
URxvt.termName: rxvt-256color
URxvt.font: xft:Fira Mono:pixelsize=15,style=regular
URxvt.boldFont: xft:Fira Mono:pixelsize=15,style=bold
URxvt.italicFont: xft:Fira Mono:pixelsize=15,style=bold
URxvt.boldItalicFont: xft:Fira Mono:pixelsize=15,style=bold
URxvt.reverseVideo: True
URxvt.letterSpace: -1
AffanIndo / Apps.txt
Created Aug 23, 2019
Installed apps on my Manjaro Linux machine
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+compton-tryone-git (aur)
AffanIndo /
Created Jul 19, 2019
Ranger command to open tmux split in current directory
# You always need to import ranger.api.commands here to get the Command class:
from ranger.api.commands import *
# My additional commands
class terminal(Command):
Open new tmux split in the current directory.
def execute(self):
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[x] Install System and Application Patches/Updates
[x] $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
[x] Free up Disk Space (Be Extremely Careful)
[x] $ sudo apt-get --purge autoremove
[x] $ sudo apt-get clean
[x] $ du -sh ~/.cache/thumbnails
[x] $ rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/*
[x] Remove Junk Manually (Try Baobab) & Backup to Google Drive
[x] Google Drive
AffanIndo /
Last active Jun 10, 2022
FFmpeg Cheat Sheet
# batch convert
for i in *.mp4; do ffmpeg -i "$i" "${i%.mp4}.webm"; done
# convert from one format to another
ffmpeg -i input.mp3 output.wav
# convert from one video format to another ("-qscale" value are 0-10, 0 is the best)
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -qscale 0 output.webm
# convert video to audio (sometimes this one is better than the custom one below)
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pacman: sudo pacman -Syu PACKAGENAME # install (and update package list)
sudo pacman -S PACKAGENAME # install
pacman -Ss PACKAGENAME # search
pacman -Si PACKAGENAME # info about package
pacman -Qs PACKAGENAME # search installed package
pacman -Qi PACKAGENAME # info about installed package
pacman -Ql PACKAGENAME # list all installed package
sudo pacman -R PACKAGENAME # normal remove
sudo pacman -Rsn PACKAGENAME # remove package, dependencies, and backup configuration files
pacman -Qdt
AffanIndo /
Last active May 26, 2018
ANSI color scheme script featuring Space Invaders.
# ANSI color scheme script featuring Space Invaders
# Original:
# Modified by lolilolicon
f=3 b=4
for j in f b; do
AffanIndo /
Created May 20, 2018
Delete currently playing music in Audacious. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
trash "$(audtool current-song-filename)"
audtool --playlist-delete $(audtool --playlist-position)
audtool --playback-play
AffanIndo /
Created May 20, 2018
Print out 256 colours, with each number printed in its corresponding colour.
# Tom Hale, 2016. MIT Licence.
# Print out 256 colours, with each number printed in its corresponding colour
# See
set -eu # Fail on errors or undeclared variables
AffanIndo / Krita.txt
Created Dec 12, 2017
Summary: Krita PPA and Snap is not reliable, use AppImage instead.
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* Now talking on #krita
* Topic for #krita is: repo: Unstable branch: master. Stable branch: krita/3.3 | Current stable release: 3.3.2 | Please wait around after asking a question | off-topic chat: ##krita-chat | This is not a company support channel, it's a chat channel for developers and users of Krita
* Topic for #krita set by boud! at Fri Nov 3 16:08:25 2017
<SaberArthur> hello, my xorg crash when I use krita, it never happened before, how to fix this?
<SaberArthur> is there any log I should attach?
<SaberArthur> Xorg.0.log
<SaberArthur> dunno if this is relevant but here is syslog
<boud> SaberArthur: which version of Krita is that?
<SaberArthur> 3.3.1