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[x] Install System and Application Patches/Updates
[x] $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
[x] Free up Disk Space (Be Extremely Careful)
[x] $ sudo apt-get --purge autoremove
[x] $ sudo apt-get clean
[x] $ du -sh ~/.cache/thumbnails
[x] $ rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/*
[x] Remove Junk Manually (Try Baobab) & Backup to Google Drive
[x] Google Drive
[x] Google Photos
[x] ~
[x] /media/affan
[x] Trash
[x] Clean Up Temporary Files (Be Extremely Careful)
[x] $ find $HOME -type f -name "*~" -print
[x] $ find $HOME -type f -name "*~" -print -exec rm {} \;
[x] $ sudo find /var -type f -name "core" -print
[x] $ sudo find /var -type f -name "core" -print -exec rm{} \;
[x] Uninstalling Programs
[x] $ sudo apt-get --purge autoremove PACKAGENAME
[x] Firewall Checkups
[x] $ sudo ufw status
[x] History
[x] ~
[x] ~/.cache
[x] Firefox
[x] Vim (~/.viminfo && ~/.NERDTreeBookmarks && ~/.vim/view ~/.cache/ctrlp)
[x] Zsh (~/.zhistory)
[x] Bash (~/.bash_history)
[x] Ranger (~/.config/ranger/history && ~/.cache/ranger)
[x] Drive Shared With Me
[x] Etc (~/.wget-hsts && recently-used.xbel*)
[x] Recently Used
[x] Clean Dotfiles & Commit (Try diff with ~/etc)
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